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Canada Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC ) Services

Get Your Canada Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Globeia Today

At Globeia, we specialize in providing your Canada Police Clearance Certificate swiftly. We offer expedited Canadian PCC service at the lowest rate all over Canada. Our expert criminal record check team is available over the phone and by email to help you navigate the complexities. Contact us today to get started!

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Get Canada Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC ) Services
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Globeia is your simple and secure background checks and identity solution
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Submitting Your Fingerprints for Canada Background Check is Simple with Globeia

Whether for immigration, employment, or personal reasons, trust Globeia to facilitate your Canada PCC acquisition promptly. We prioritize accuracy and reliability, adhering to stringent standards to deliver your certificate swiftly. Let Globeia be your trusted partner in securing essential documentation.
Turnaround Time
3 Days*
$ 110 + $25 (RCMP fees)
Authentication & Legalization
Starts from $210**
Based on the word count
*Excluding mailing time. (2-3 weeks)
**Document requisition and the recipient country determine the basic fee.

Online Application for How to Get a Police Certificate in Canada?

1. Start Your Application : Begin your application process by going to Globeia's platform where you can complete the form for RCMP PCC. Choose any extra services that might be needed, like Apostille from Canadian Ministry, Authentication, Legalization or Courier. We can also provide you with the translation of the Canada police check, if required, once the results have been issued. Upload two valid, government issued IDs and a passport sized photo for yourself.

2. Completing the Payment : Complete your Canada police check application by finalizing the payment.

3. Sending Scanned Fingerprints for approval : Please send a scanned image of your fingerprints, which you have captured on the C216C form, to us. You can send it over email or upload the document on the client portal. Wait for Globeia's approval of your fingerprint quality for the RCMP police clearance.

4. Mailing C216C Forms : Upon approval, mail the original C216C forms to Globeia along with the payment confirmation.

5. Expedited Processing : Globeia converts your fingerprints into digital format and sends them to the RCMP on the same day that they are received in our office.

6. Select the Delivery Method RCMP Direct Mail : Receive your documents directly from the RCMP by standard mail (non-trackable).

Delivery to a Third party Address: Have your documents sent to any address after you authorize them to receive the results on your behalf. This could be an individual or organization like IRCC who is requesting the background check Authorize Globeia to receive the results and choose the secure courier delivery service from Globeia for sending your items, which provides both a PDF email confirmation and real-time tracking information.
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Steps to get a Police Certificate in Canada
Start Your Application
Completing the Payment
Sending Scanned Fingerprints for approval
Mailing C216C Forms
Expedited Processing
Select the Delivery Method
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Obtain your Canada Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Swiftly through Globeia Today

Our streamlined process ensures efficiency and convenience, saving you time and hassle. With our expert assistance, navigate the bureaucratic requirements seamlessly. Contact us now to initiate the process and experience the ease of obtaining your RCMP Police Clearance Certificate.

Submitting your fingerprints for online police checks in Canada, can be a daunting task but Globeia simplifies the process. We have made the process simpler for getting your RCMP-Certified Criminal Record Check, making sure you have a positive experience with no risk of rejections. Let our expert team help you at every stage of the Canada PCC.
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List of Documents Required for Your RCMP PCC Application

Here is the list of documents required for a fast background check in Canada if you are sending the documents via manual process instead of the online application
  • Application form downloaded from Globeia’s portal
  • Photocopy of Two valid photo IDs
  • Two C-216c fingerprint forms completed in black ink
  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • Third-party consent form, if needed

Best Translation Service

To make your RCMP PCC accepted, it might need to be translated. This is because, in some countries, English is not the main language. However, finding approved translators can sometimes be difficult and expensive. At Globeia, we offer a streamlined and certified Italian translation service in Canada to simplify Personal Background Check in Canada.

Give the documents requiring translation to our team of experts. Our translators will thoroughly review your documents, provide transparent pricing, and estimate the turnaround time. Ensure your documents are accurately translated with ease and efficiency with Globeia.
Translation Services
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Submit Your RCMP Fingerprint from Any Location

Globeia makes it easier to send fingerprints to the RCMP's CCRTIS, guaranteeing a smooth process. Follow this straightforward guide for an easy and fast Canada background check online.

A. Locate an Authorized Center – Find a local police station or reputed fingerprinting agency.

B. Complete the two RCMP C 216C Forms – Complete the forms using black ink. You must have them signed and stamped by the official in charge at the place where fingerprints are taken.

C. Fingerprint Quality Check – Improve the chance of your form being accepted by more than 95% when you use our fingerprint quality check service.

D. Mail them to Globeia – After your fingerprint quality gets approval from specialists, send the original C216C forms by post to Globeia.

Click this to learn more about how to correctly submit your fingerprints for the RCMP Police Clearance Check. You can also learn about background check Canada cost by contacting us.
RCMP Fingerprint Guide
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Apostille, Legalization and Authentication Services for the RCMP Criminal Record Check

To use a police clearance certificate in another country, it may require an apostille or authentication and legalization process. Sometimes the translation may also be required.


Issuing Authority – The Ministry of Global Affairs, Canada

Validation – Confirms the authenticity of documents like the RCMP Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Hague Apostille Convention – Canada joined in January 2024
  • Ensures the validity of your PCC
  • Verifies its authenticity and legal standing

Legalization and Authentication

If your destination country Isn't a Hague Apostille Convention Member:
  • Authentication – By the Ministry of Global Affairs, Canada
  • Legalization – By the Embassy of your destination country in Canada

Purpose – Authorizes the document's validity for use outside Canada

Services Provided by Globeia

Apostille – Apply for an Apostille on Globeia’s website

All-Inclusive Support – Globeia provides all-inclusive services, including:
Dedicated Team – We ensure that you have a dedicated case manager who is able to provide you continued support throughout the process.
Apostille Service
Why Choose Globeia?
Choose Globeia online police checks service in Canada and enjoy a seamless and efficient document handling process. We also offer Canada Apostille services for enhanced international acceptance.
Professional Customer Support
Guidance from our dedicated team-member at every step.
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Secure and Fast
Our online portal is designed for your convenience and security.
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Over a Decade of Experience
Trust our decade of RCMP PCC processing skills.
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Affordable Pricing
Competitive rates that meet your budget. Choose Globeia background check service in Canada to save time and money.
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What our clients say about us
We are honored to have served thousands of customers just like you who place their trust in our services.
"Highly recommend the services of Globeia I had contacted many professional firms to have my documents legalized and decided to trust Globeia for the legalization of my documents. Their processing system was very customer focused. They provide a five star service in today's virtual world."
Bertrand D'Espagnac

Asked Questions

Contact us for more info
What is an RCMP Certified Criminal Record Check?
The Canada police clearance certificate is issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and provides the details of your criminal background in Canada. It is necessary for pursuing numerous objectives in Canada or when immigrating to other countries such as joining school, opening a business, getting a job, etc. A Canadian criminal record check depicts that you don’t have any convictions to your name.
Why do I need an RCMP-Certified Criminal Record Check?
People require an RCMP-approved Criminal Record Check for various purposes like employment, education, relocation, or visa application. This check verifies if an individual has a criminal history and affirms their clean record. The main objective of the Canada Police Clearance Certificate (PPC) is to make your application credible across Canada.
How long does it take to receive my RCMP Criminal Record Check results?
The results of your RCMP Criminal Record Check are issued in 72 hours, plus the time it takes to send the results by mail. But, how long it takes can change depending on whether the RCMP is backlogged.

If you have a previous conviction or charges, the time period may vary from one month to four months. That’s why we recommend you apply for the RCMP criminal record check with enough time at your disposal.
What Additional Services Does Globeia Offer Along with the RCMP Criminal Record Check?
Alongside the RCMP Criminal Record Check, Globeia offers different services such as Apostille, Authentication, Legalization and Translation. These complete offerings are designed to meet the diverse needs of the individuals and make the procedure straightforward. Our Canada Background Check services support online and offline submissions. We are always eager to help you sort out issues related to the RCMP criminal record check.
What steps should I take to make sure my fingerprints are clear for the RCMP Criminal Record Check?
Globeia offers a fingerprint quality check service to ensure its suitability for the RCMP's requirements. By adhering to our guidance and providing clear fingerprint images, you increase your chances of having your application accepted. So, before you decide to undergo a background check for Canada, ensure that you know how to submit clean fingerprints.
What is the difference between Apostille, Authentication, and Legalization?
Apostille, Authentication, and Legalization are methods to confirm that documents are authentic and legal for use in other countries. Apostille works for the nations that are members of the Hague Apostille Convention. Authentication and Legalization are required when you are relocating to countries that are part of the Hague Convention.
Can the RCMP send the results directly to me outside Canada?
Yes, you can ask for the RCMP to send the results directly to you via standard mail (non-trackable)
Can I get a PDF version of the RCMP PCC?
The RCMP provides the Canadian Background check as a physical document. If you authorize us to receive the results on your behalf, we can send you a PDF version of the RCMP PCC and then mail the physical document via courier. Contact us to get your Canada Police Certificate today
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