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Globeia – Your One-Stop Option for Getting an Apostille in Calgary

Globeia’s apostille services are your preferred option to ensure that your Alberta documents are valid across Canada’s borders. At Globeia, our trained and experienced team specializes in providing expedited apostille Calgary services. Canada has joined the Hague Convention recently. This means that the Canadian public documents, including those issued in Alberta, can now be apostilled in any of the Convention’s 125 member nations. It eliminates the need for the lengthy and complex process of legalization and consular authentication. Choose our Calgary apostille services to make your Alberta documents acceptable internationally.

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Alberta Apostille Services
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Things to Know About Getting an Apostille in Alberta from Globeia

For Alberta documents as well as documents originating from other provinces of Canada, Globeia can provide seamless apostille services from Global Affairs, Ottawa or other provincial ministries. Contact us today and let us handle the complex requirements for completing the process.
Starting from $110
Turnaround Time- Provincial apostille document
2-3 weeks*
Turnaround time- Federal apostille document
3-4 months**
Notarization (If Applicable)
Starting from $55
Based on the word count
*Depends on the province of issue or notarization
**Based on the ministry timelines, please note that they are currently backlogged

A Detailed Guide to Getting an Alberta Apostille

If you are wondering how to get an apostille in Calgary, contact Globeia today. Listed are the steps involved in obtaining an apostille from Calgary Alberta.

Step 1: Register and Complete the Application: In the first step, you have to register your account at our portal for a Calgary Alberta apostille certification. You should complete the application form properly to ensure proper submission for the apostille.

Step 2: Scan & Upload: Upload the documents as specified in our portal to minimize the chances of rejection.

Step 3: Review: Our team reviews your application for errors, ensuring compliance with the Alberta apostille requirements. The Ministry of Justice of Alberta is the competent authority to apostille documents originating in Calgary, Alberta.

Step 4: Payment: You should securely complete the payment after our team has completed checking your documents.

Step 5: Mailing Originals: Mail us your original documents issued in Calgary, Alberta to let us start the process for apostille.

Step 6: Process Completion: Globeia’s team will ensure timely and efficient processing of your documents.

Consult Globeia to get an apostille in Calgary in the most hassle-free manner. Our experienced team will ensure that your essential documents issued in Calgary, Alberta are processed properly
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Guide to Getting an Alberta Apostille
Register and Complete the Application
Scan & Upload
Mailing Originals
Process Completion
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Authentication of Documents in Alberta: Eligible Documents

The inclusion of Canada into the Hague Apostille Convention since Jan 2024 marks a significant shift in document authentication and legalization. If you want an apostille in Calgary in a stress-free manner, don’t look beyond Globeia. We have a trained team that ensures swift processing making the apostille process in Calgary, Alberta stress-free.

Listed are the types of documents that are eligible for an Alberta apostille.
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Adoption documents
  • Affidavits
  • CPP certificates
  • Certificate of Free Sale
  • GMP Certificates
  • Health Canada Certificates
  • Police Background Checks
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Property Deeds
  • Degree and Diploma Transcripts

Besides apostilling these documents, we can also help you apostille Alberta notarized documents. You can consult our team to learn more about the apostille process.
Legalization Services
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Address the Apostille Challenges with Globeia

The accession of Canada to the Hague Apostille Convention has simplified the process of document authentication. You no longer have to navigate the lengthy processes associated with document authentication and consular legalization. Globeia has a user-friendly application portal that provides complete peace of mind while you opt for their apostille services in Calgary. We provide end-to-end document processing to ensure that you can get the apostille in a timely manner.

Trust Globeia for Expedited Apostille Services in Calgary

Globeia apostille services in Calgary are aimed to simplify the overall process of validating your documents for international use. Make your documents acceptable outside Canada with our professional apostille services.
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Notarizing Your Documents in Calgary

Notarizing your documents is most often required before you obtain an apostille stamp. At Globeia, we can help you notarize your documents. The process of notarization in Calgary, Alberta, involves your verification as a signatory or involves validating the source of the document. You can contact Globeia if you are unable to notarize your documents and we can assist you with our notarization services in Canada.
Notarization Service
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Choose Globeia for Professional Translation Services

Translation becomes crucial for making your documents suitable for apostille where English or French isn’t the main language. At Globeia, we have a professional team of translators who can translate your documents within a short duration and ensure compliance with the required standards. We are here to assist you with our translation services in Canada prior to apostilling your Calgary documents.
Translation Services
Why Choose Globeia?
Listed are the top reasons to choose Globeia to apostille your Calgary documents.
We offer a streamlined process to apostille your Calgary-based documents.
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Our team can apostille numerous types of documents such as certificates of birth, school records, Canadian police background checks, etc.
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Our apostille Alberta services start from $110 (For more details and comprehensive quotes, get in touch with Globeia’s professionals) and are accessible to all.
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We assign dedicated case managers to streamline your apostille application process.
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What our clients say about us
We are honored to have served thousands of customers just like you who place their trust in our services.
"Highly recommend the services of Globeia I had contacted many professional firms to have my documents legalized and decided to trust Globeia for the legalization of my documents. Their processing system was very customer focused. They provide a five star service in today's virtual world."
Bertrand D'Espagnac

Asked Questions

Contact us for more info
What are the Things to Know About an Apostille?
An apostille is a certificate of validation attached to your formal document. It verifies the origin of the public document, allowing it to be accepted in nations that are members of the Hague Apostille Convention. An apostille functions to verify the authenticity of a document's signature
What Types of Documents Can Be Apostilled in Calgary?
In Calgary, Alberta, it is possible to apostille a wide range of documents. This covers school records and official certificates for birth, marriage, or death. Also, there are business documents like permission for another person to represent you and documents related to your company. Court or legal authority-issued documents are eligible for an apostille too.
Who is the Competent Authority to Apostille Your Documents in Calgary?
The Ministry of Justice of Alberta, is the only competent authority that can provide an apostille in Calgary. At Globeia, we possess the expertise to speed up the process of getting your document apostilled through the Ministry.
How Long Does It Take to Get a Document Apostilled in Calgary?
The usual period for processing an apostille in Calgary is between two to three weeks. However, this time frame can vary depending on the number of documents in the queue as they are processed in the order of receipt. It's generally advisable to plan ahead and allow sufficient time for the apostille process.
What are the Fees for Apostilling a Document in Calgary?
The cost of an apostille depends on various factors such as the type of documents, any additional steps to be completed etc. Contact us to know more about the timeline and transparent costs for your document to get the apostille in Calgary.
Can notarized documents be acceptable for Calgary Alberta apostille certification?
Documents are eligible to obtain an apostille certification from Alberta as long as they have been notarized by the notary public/lawyer who is registered in the province.
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