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Canadian Document Authentication and Legalization Service - Fast and Affordable

Get your Canadian documents Authenticated and Legalized with Globeia. We prepare your documents for use in other countries around the world that require embassy legalization instead of apostille verification. Start by submitting a request on the Globeia portal today!

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Save Time on the Authentication and Legalization of Your Documents

The Globeia team understands that time is of the essence when our clients are dealing with document submission procedures in other countries. This is why we offer a fast and convenient application process to get your documents authenticated in Canada.

Working with Globeia helps you avoid the hassle as our experts will take care of the legwork for you. Beginning with getting an authentication seal on your documents, we will also take them to your country of destination’s embassy in Canada to get them legalized.

Globeia’s experts are known for their efficiency in preparing documents for use outside Canada, owing to the experience gained from processing thousands of documents for our clients from around the world.

Dedicated Case Managers To Streamline Your Application

Canada’s document authentication system can be a real head-scratcher since additional steps such as notarization and translation might also be required. Globeia solves this problem by taking care of the entire process on your behalf.

You only have to tell us about the type of documents that you need to get authenticated and legalized to get started. A dedicated case manager, assigned to your application, will prepare an action plan for you right away. We will then ask you to send the documents to our office in Toronto for their Authentication and Legalization.

A Simplified Way To Get Your Canadian Documents Authenticated and Legalized

Getting your documents legalized is important for residency, visa, education, business, investment, and other purposes in non-Hague Convention member countries.
We offer a seamless alternative to completing the process on your own which can result in a number of issues, such as incorrect stamping, missing details, and application rejection.
Follow this 3-step process when submitting your documents for their Authentication and Legalization.

Preparing Your Documents

Some documents require notarization before their authentication. Always check if a notarial certification is required for your documents before you send them over for the Authentication step. Use Globeia’s Canadian document notarization service to prepare your documents if required.
Similarly, an additional translation step might also be involved in the authentication of some documents. In that case, you can get your documents authenticated using our Translation service.

Document Authentication

Global Affairs Canada authenticates federal documents, documents issued in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Yukon, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Quebec have their own authentication authorities under the new setup.
We can help you determine the authority that will authenticate your documents so that you do not end up sending your application to an incorrect address. An authentication certificate will be issued for your documents after the official signatures and seals on them have been verified.

Document Legalization

The final step in the process is the legalization of your documents. This is performed by your current country’s Consulate or Embassy in Canada. Globeia can submit your documents to the respective Embassy where they will first check the Authentication certificate before legalizing your documents

Globeia’s Secrets to Accurate and Affordable Document Legalization Services

  • We assign a case manager to each client, ensuring an organized application processing system.
  • The Globeia portal offers real-time updates and helps you submit your details without any hassle.
  • In the case of a criminal record history, you may have to wait for 1 to 4 months.
  • Our team of experts is highly trained and experienced in handling international document verification requirements.
  • Globeia’s large network of partners and agents helps us keep the processing time as short as possible.

Use Globeia’s Expedited Authentication and Legalization Service

Fast Processing:

Globeia’s experts start working on your application as soon as we receive your documents via mail. This helps us get your documents legalized faster than manual application methods.

Understanding The Requirements:

Authentication requirements differ depending on the province or territory where your document was issued. Similarly, countries might also have their unique requirements which we will help you fulfill on time.

Expedited Embassy Legalization:

Our agents understand the nuances involved in dealing with embassies of different countries for document verification. We will ensure that your documents are legalized and ready for use abroad by following the embassy’s document preparation guidelines.

Transparent pricing:

Working with Globeia means no surprises further down the line. Our upfront pricing structure ensures that you know the exact costs of the Authentication and Legalization process right from Day One.

FAQs : Authentication and Legalization Service

What is authentication in Canada?
If you are from a Hague Convention member country, then filling out a simple request form will be enough to legalize your documents. However, if the country of origin of your document is Canada, then you will need to complete the authentication process.
Over here at Globeia, we take care of the entire process and get your document authenticated by the ministry of foreign affairs authentication in the shortest possible time.
What is legalization in Canada?
The embassy or consulate, of the country you intend to use them in, must inspect and legalize your documents. A stamp confirming the document’s authenticity is issued to prove the same.
For document notarization and legalization in Canada, you have to complete the process in a legalisation office. Globeia handles your case for you, eliminating the need for losing your head over the complex requirements of the process.
What is document attestation?
Attestation is performed to guarantee that a particular document is authentic.
In order to successfully complete the process, concerned authorities from both the issuing country and the country in which you’ll use the document must see the document in person and certify it.
Note: The term ‘document attestation’ isn’t used in many countries. In fact, it’s almost exclusively limited to countries in South Asia, the Middle East, and the UAE. In other countries, the process goes by different names, such as haya, dfat in Australia and simply apostille in the United States.
When do I need Apostille document?
You will need to perform this process if the following conditions apply to your situation:
- The country that originally issued your document is a signatory of the Hague Convention.
- Neither of the countries in question has objected to the other’s inclusion in the Convention
- You need to use your document in a state that is a member of the treaty
- Your document was issued by a public body.
How much does apostille cost?
If you combine apostille with terms such as ’services near me’, notary services near me’, ‘office near me’, or ‘document service’ on Google, you will see a number of companies offering their online services. You will notice that in almost all of these search results, Globeia is one of the most frequently appearing, offering its gold-standard services managed by a highly experienced team of professionals. Despite having served hundreds of satisfied clients over the years, Globeia’s apostille price is one of the lowest in the entire industry. This is because we are a notary and apostille service that care for the comfort and convenience of our clients. We are well-known for our reliability, quick turnaround, and low fees.
What is Apostille? Can I get an apostille in Canada?
It is a certification used for the authentication and legalisation of documents issued by government departments and agencies. The stamp verifies the authenticity of your documents. In most foreign countries, you need to get apostille legalisation of your documents before you can use them for official purposes.

Before the Apostille Hague Convention, everyone had to follow the authentication and legalization process. This cumbersome document legalization process was made more efficient during the 1960s when the Hague Apostille Convention was signed by participating countries. This streamlined the process required to authenticate a document considerably and issues a Hague stamp. Documents with this seal are then fully authenticated and legalized.
What is the equivalent of apostille in Canada?
If you are from a country that signed up for the Hague Convention, then an Apostille seal will be enough to legalize your documents. However, if you need apostilization of documents originating from Canada, then you will need to complete the long and tiring process of authentication and legalization to get your document legalized.

With the help of a certified service, you can bypass these hurdles to easily get notarisation and legalisation of your documents in Canada.

Make sure that the service you choose is reputable and has ample experience in dealing with the ministry of external affairs.
What kind of documents are authenticated or apostilled?
As long as your document was issued by an official government agency and bears a valid signature, you should be able to pursue either of the two processes.

Some examples include:
  • Birth and death certificate
  • Degree certificate
  • Criminal record check
  • Marriage certificate and divorce certificate
  • Degrees and educational certificates
  • Fingerprints
  • Power of attorney
  • Passport copy
  • Citizenship and immigration documentation
  • Business documents
  • Federal documents Invoices
  • Pharmaceutical reports and certificates
How long does apostille last?
There is no expiration date. However, the document must not be expired. Time-sensitive documents such as criminal record checks will only remain valid for the duration of the original certificate.
How do I pay for authentication and legalization?
We accept most major credit and debit cards, as well as e-transfers, PayPal, and Canadian money orders.
When do I need to follow the authentication and legalization process?
You’ll need to pursue this process if the following apply to your situation:
  • Your document was originally issued in a country that isn’t signed up to the Convention.
  • The consulate or embassy in the state you’ll be using the document in question has confirmed the need for legalization.
  • The document is an original with a recognized signature.
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