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Overview of Our

About Globeia

Globeia is a Canadian company offering multiple services including Employment Screening, Criminal Background Checks, Authentication and legalization of Canadian Documents. Globeia was created as a stimulator of trust, confidence, and reliability among enterprises to ease their decision-making process.

What Do We Do?

Offering up to 17 different services and checks, we aim to cover every facet of the individual in question to give you a clearer picture.

Mitigating the Risk on Your Biggest Investment: Your People

No matter what business you are in, it is the people that make a business, and thus trust is a mighty component.

Whether you are hiring a new employee, keeping a new tenant, lending money to somebody, or beginning a credit sale with a new customer, having trust in the other is vital.

However, the way to trusting another is by knowing them well enough.

This is exactly what Globeia aims to pursue with its thorough checks and screening services. We study the past of the candidate so you can make an informed decision to pave your successful future.

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Our Values


Globeia understands the importance of authentic and reliable information needed by our clients.  Since the beginning, we have gained the reputation of a 100% reliable company. We do not believe in any hidden costs or providing wrong information to our clients.

Impeccable Customer Service

We have affordable prices suited to every budget, a user-friendly portal, and an in-house team ready to assist you at all times.

Rapid Delivery

During decision-making, every moment counts. Thus, our expert team works efficiently to deliver quick and accurate results, with some services offering a turnaround time of mere minutes!

Going Above & Beyond For Your Success

Unhindered by regional constraints, Globeia inculcates the latest technologies in the delivery of services to surpass boundaries and cater to local, as well as international candidates.

With partnerships extended to international organizations, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring you make the right decision.

Fast, safe & efficient
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