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Globeia – Your One-Stop Option for Hague Apostille Services in Ottawa, Canada

When working, studying, or traveling abroad, the authorities in your destination country may ask for an apostille for your Canadian documents. The main objective of an apostille from Canada is to ensure that your public documents like diplomas, birth certificates, etc., are valid and legitimate. At Globeia, we specialize in apostilling your documents in Ottawa. Choose our apostille Ottawa services to immigrate to a foreign country in a stress-free manner.

It is to be noted here that the Ministry of Global Affairs office is based in Ottawa. The Ministry timelines are quite long and mistakes in document submission could lead to further delays This is where Globeia steps in by offering all the services like notarization, certified Canadian translation and apostille under one hood ensuring that your documents meet the Ministry requirements and eliminates the risk of rejection.

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Apostille Services in Ottawa, Canada
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Steps/Process to Follow for Apostille in Ottawa

Trust Globeia to accelerate the process of obtaining an apostille in Ottawa. It could easily take months to apostille your documents from Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa. Choose Globeia to ensure that mistakes do not lead to further delays in the process
Starting from $110
Turnaround Time- Provincial apostille document
24 hours - 1 week*
Turnaround time- Federal apostille document
3-4 months**
Notarization (If Applicable)
Starting from $55
Based on the word count
*Depends on the province of issue or notarization
**Based on the ministry timelines, please note that they are currently backlogged

Essential Details of Our Apostille Process in Ottawa

Listed are the steps to obtain an apostille in Ottawa.

Step 1: Register: In the first step: you have to register at our portal to start the apostille process for Ottawa.

Step 2: Complete the application and upload documents: It is crucial that you fill every field in the application form to avoid missing out on any information. Then scan and upload all your important documents that require an apostille.

Step 3: Review: Our team will review your application for errors to ensure that everything is in order. The Authentication Services Section at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa as well as some provincial ministries in Ontario are responsible for apostilling your Canadian documents.

Step 4: Payment: With stringent requirements for apostille, it is often difficult for individuals to navigate the entire process. Our team specializes in expediting the entire process related to apostille Ottawa. After our team verifies all your documents that have been uploaded, you must pay to start the verification process.

Step 5: Mailing original documents: Mail us your original documents so that our team can start the process of apostilling your Ottawa-based documents.

Step 6: Completion: Our team will process all your documents and send the completed documents back to you based on the agreed mode of receiving the documents.
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Simple Steps For Obtaining Apostille in Ottawa
Complete the Application and Upload Documents
Mailing Original Documents
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Types of Documents Eligible for an Apostille in Ottawa from Global Affairs, Canada

Here are the types of documents that are eligible for apostille in Ottawa.
  • Federal Documents
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate
  • RCMP-certified Criminal Record Check
  • Letters issued by the Government of Canada
  • Vital documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates issued in provinces other than Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan
  • Documents that are notarized in provinces other than Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and SaskatchewanAdoption documents

If you need to apostille a document that was issued or notarized in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan, it has to be done through relevant provincial offices since the Ministry of Global Affairs is not authorized to issue the apostille for these documents since Jan 2024.

Contact us to learn more about our Apostille Alberta and Apostille British Columbia services.
Alberta Apostille
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Navigate the Apostille Process in Ottawa with Globeia

For businesses and residents in Ottawa, Canada accession to the Hague Convention has simplified document authentication. However, individuals may still experience difficulty in apostilling their public-issued documents in Ottawa. At Globeia, we have a trained team who can provide you with options to expedite the process. We can review the document and let you know if there are ways to authenticate your documents in an accelerated manner by ensuring that they meet the requirements of a provincial authority.. We apostille your documents in the following ways.

With Global Affairs Ottawa, Canada and relevant provincial ministry

Our trained team collaborates with Global Affairs Ottawa to ensure the legitimacy of your documents. In this manner, we are able to apostille your documents in an expedited manner.

Stress-Free Experience

We are fully aware that immigrating to another country for a job or any other purpose is stressful. That’s why we make the apostille process easier for you so that there are no roadblocks to your plans in a foreign country.

Get Professional Translation Services from Globeia

Besides helping you obtain an apostille, we can also help you to translate your documents. If the document that requires the apostille is not in English or French translation is mandatory before submitting the document for apostille to the Canadian Ministry. Finding authorized translation services in Canada can be challenging and expensive. We have a trained team at Globeia that provides professional translation services to make your documents acceptable.
Translation Services
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Why Do You Need an Apostille in Ottawa?

Obtaining an apostille for your documents from Ottawa is important to ensure their acceptability in foreign countries. An apostille is also useful when you want to make your documents legally valid swiftly. Time-consuming processes like legalization will delay your immigration. Globeia’s apostille services have been designed to help you relocate to foreign countries swiftly.

Are you ready to apostille your public-issued documents in Ottawa? Globeia apostille services in Ottawa, Ontario are designed to simplify the document authentication process. Reach out to us today to obtain an apostille for your Ottawa documents.
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Why Choose Globeia?
Listed are the top reasons to choose apostille in Ottawa from Globeia.
Our user-friendly portal simplifies the process of applying for an apostille in Ottawa
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We can apostille a wide variety of documents like birth certificates, transcripts, documents, etc.
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Our apostille services ensure the validity and authenticity of your documents issued in Ottawa
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Globeia’s apostille services in Ottawa start from $110 only (For more details and comprehensive quotes, get in touch with Globeia’s professionals)
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What our clients say about us
We are honored to have served thousands of customers just like you who place their trust in our services.
"Highly recommend the services of Globeia I had contacted many professional firms to have my documents legalized and decided to trust Globeia for the legalization of my documents. Their processing system was very customer focused. They provide a five star service in today's virtual world."
Bertrand D'Espagnac

Asked Questions

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What are the Things to Know About an Apostille?
An apostille is a type of certification that gets added to your official document. This confirms where the public document comes from, so it can be used in countries that are part of the Hague Convention. What an apostille does is to make sure that the signature on a document is real.
What Types of Documents Can Be Apostilled from Global Affairs Canada inOttawa?
In Ottawa, you can apostille numerous documents, including federal documents, Canadian Citizenship Certificates, RCMP-certified Criminal Record Checks, letters issued by the Government of Canada, vital documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates from provinces excluding Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, as well as notarized documents from provinces other than the aforementioned ones, and adoption documents.
Who is the Competent Authority that issues Apostille for Canadian Documents in Ottawa?
Global Affairs, Canada in Ottawa is the authority that issues apostilles for Canadian documents that were notarized or issued in the provinces of Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island and Yukon. It is also the sole authority that issues apostille for Federal documents.
What is the Process for Apostilling a Document in Ottawa?
To get an apostille for a document in Ottawa, you first need to have the original or a certified copy of it. Then, if necessary, the authority that issued it must certify this.
How Long Does It Take to Get a Document Apostilled from the Ministry in Ottawa?
The normal time to process an apostille for a document in Ottawa ranges from 3 to 4 months as the Ministry is extremely backlogged. The applications are processed in the order that they were received It's generally advisable to plan ahead and allow sufficient time for the apostille process.
Is there a way to fast track my apostille?
Sometimes it is possible to expedite the apostille if it was issued or notarized in a province that has its own ministry to issue the apostille. Globeia values your time and will proactively share any options available to fast-track the process once we review the document.
Does the RCMP certified criminal record check require Apostille from the ministry in Ottawa?
The RCMP check results are categorized as a Federal document and the Ministry is the sole authority to issue the apostille on the original document. There is an option to have the notarized copy of the RCMP results apostilled from a Provincial Ministry to expedite the process but some countries may not accept this. It is recommended that you reconfirm with the authorities requesting the apostille and proceed accordingly.
Can the Ministry in Ottawa issue the apostille on a pocket-sized birth certificate?
No, the MInistry does not accept pocket-sized documents for the apostille process.
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