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Get An FBI Identity History Summary Check From Canada

You don’t have to travel back to the States for an FBI clearance certificate. We are an RCMP-accredited company offering FBI-compliant fingerprinting in Canada.

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Canadian FBI Fingerprinting Made Simple!
Are you applying for an FBI background check? If yes, then you will need an impression of your fingerprints on an Fd 258 fingerprint card to complete the process. Conveniently located at 1185 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough, we will take care of FBI fingerprinting and more for you.
With an experienced team of highly dedicated staff, we provide one of the most reliable FBI fingerprinting services in the Greater Toronto Area.
Here is a breakdown of Globeia’s express FBI fingerprinting service in Canada

Step 1: Walk in or Book An Appointment.

You can walk in 30 minutes before closing time or reserve an FBI fingerprinting session at a time by directly booking your appointment through our Calendly link. You can call us at +1 416 288 8070 for more information.

Step 2: Visit Us To Have Your Fingerprints Captured.

Our front desk staff is available to assist you with any of your queries. Upon arrival, you will be asked for basic contact information by our staff, two valid government issued IDs and then escorted to a fingerprinting booth at your booked time slot.

Step 3: Fingerprinting

Our technician will transfer your impressions to an FD 258 FBI fingerprinting card. This card is accepted on a standard white paper stock for an FBI criminal record check.
  • Your name and date of birth, requested earlier by the front desk staff on your arrival, will also be included on the fingerprint card for FBI clearance.
  • We offer both live scan and ink fingerprinting services for FBI criminal background checks from Canada.

Manually Completing The Process Vs Applying Through Globeia:

There are two application processing options after getting your fingerprints transferred to an FBI criminal background check card.
  1. Manual Processing
  2. Globeia’s Express Application Service

The Manual Option:

You will have to send the fingerprint card to the FBI, through their website, to get a police clearance certificate from the USA.

Applying Through Globeia:

To help expedite the process, we offer an all-inclusive FBI background check fingerprinting service. We offer one of the fastest Canadian FBI fingerprint processing times at highly affordable rates.
Our staff will complete the FBI application for you, while you are getting your fingerprints captured by our technician. We will then send the card to the FBI along with your application. The PDF version of the results will be shared with you over email in around 2 weeks and the hard copy will be mailed directly to your mailing address by the FBI.

Globeia’s Premier Ink & Roll Fingerprinting Service.

While our FBI-compliant livescan service fulfills the majority of our clientele’s fingerprinting requirements, we also offer ink and roll fingerprinting as a part of our efforts towards becoming a one-stop solution for all of your identity check needs.

Globeia employs well-trained technicians who are experienced in ensuring that your fingerprints are captured in complete accordance with the instructions of the authority you are applying to.

Low Rejection Rates & Quick Service.

Globeia is a reliable Canadian FBI fingerprinting service with one of the lowest rejection rates. Years of experience in the industry have equipped up with the ability to streamline our Fingerprinting process for your convenience. The entire process of capturing and transferring your fingerprints to an FBI background check card will take less than 10 minutes.

FAQs FBI Identity History Summary Check

What kind of ID Proof is acceptable for FBI Clearance Fingerprinting?
We request you to bring two pieces of valid government-issued identification, one of which must be a photo ID.
The following forms of identification are acceptable:
  • Passport
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Certificate of Indian Status Immigration documents i.e. work or study permits
  • Military Family ID Card (MFID)
  • Record of Landing for Citizenship Applicant
  • Certificate of Live Birth
  • Nexus card
Is there an FBI fingerprinting service near me?
Globeia is a professional FBI fingerprint application processing agency located at 1185 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough.
Where can I get fingerprinted for an FBI background check?
Globeia offers a 10-minute fingerprinting process for FBI fingerprint database background checks. You can walk in or book your appointment. Your fingerprint impressions will be transferred to the FBI’s standard form during your appointment with us.
How to get FBI fingerprint clearance?
You will first have to check for FBI fingerprinting locations near you to start the background check process. You can choose a reliable service from the list of FBI electronic fingerprinting locations that pop up.
Your chosen service will transfer your fingerprints to the FBI’s card for applications, which will then be sent to the FBI for a background check for employment, USCIS’s immigration process, or any other reason.
Globeia uses FBI-approved fingerprint scanners, making sure that all of the FBI’s instructions for acceptable fingerprinting are followed. We ensure professional training of our staff for a proper transfer of your fingerprints to the identification card.
Where to send the FBI fingerprint chart for a background check?
Your fingerprints, digital or inked, will need to be sent to the FBI for further processing. You can either do the process yourself or have our experienced team complete it for you in record time.
We are an RCMP-accredited livescan vendor and use FBI-approved fingerprint scanners to complete your application form.
How do I check the status of my Canadian FBI police clearance certificate application?
Online requests take 3-5 days to be processed by the FBI. Requests sent by mail take longer due to postal delays. You can check the status of your application through the FBI website. A card sample can be found above to help familiarize you with the FBI fingerprinting codes. If you hire Globeia to process the application for you, we will also send you a PDF version of your clearance certificate as soon as we receive it from the FBI in around 1.5 to 2 weeks of submitting your fingerprints.
Where can I find an Ink Fingerprinting Service near me?
Globeia is an RCMP-accredited fingerprinting agency located at 1 185 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough, Canada. You can book a 10-minute ink and roll fingerprinting session with us by reaching out to us at
Where can I get Fd 258 fingerprint cards and ink pads near me?
You can get fingerprint cards and ink pads from Office Depot, Michaels, Amazon, Dollar Tree, Target, and Walgreens stores. You will also need staples, a roller, ink strips, and ink remover towelettes in your homemade fingerprinting kit to complete the DIY process.
How to take fingerprints at home for an FBI background check?
You will need to start by getting an Fd 259 card and a high-quality ink pad for taking fingerprints. Ink pads come in different colors, including black, green, blue, and red. Washable ink pads are also available if you prefer to transfer your fingerprints to the card without making a mess. You can go to your nearest store, which carries notary supplies, to get a Sirchie, Lee or any other fingerprinting pad. You will then need to transfer your fingerprints onto the card by following the instructions given on the issuing authority’s website.
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