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RCMP Digital Fingerprinting

RCMP Accredited Digital Fingerprinting Services in Canada

Do you live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada and are looking for a fast, affordable and official RCMP digital fingerprinting service to fulfill your RCMP background check or other Federal job needs? With Globeia, your search ends here. Globeia is your reliable RCMP-accredited digital fingerprinting agency located in the GTA, Canada.

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RCMP Accredited Digital Fingerprinting
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Digital Fingerprinting for RCMP Police Clearance for PR

Experience the efficiency of live scan fingerprinting technology with Globeia. Our advanced electronic scanners capture fingerprints and input personal information directly into the system, streamlining the process for submission to the RCMP. Live scan digital fingerprinting in Canada is your go-to solution for background checks and identity verification.
Digital Fingerprinting Turnaround Time
10 minutes
RCMP Turnaround Time
72 hours*
$ 44 + $25 RCMP fees (if applicable)
Service Hours
  • Mon to Fri - 8 am to 6 pm
  • Saturdays - 10 am to 4 pm
*Excluding the common mailing time. (2-3 weeks) Please note that in case of any previous criminal charges or convictions, the RCMP could take longer to process the results, ranging anywhere between 1 - 4 months. The processing time may also be affected by the RCMP backlog.

Your Fast, Easy, and Reliable Digital Fingerprint Solution in Toronto

If you are trying to find a “Digital Fingerprint near me”, we can help you. Globeia's RCMP digital fingerprinting streamlines the process of obtaining an RCMP-accredited Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for PR and other purposes with ease. Other than obtaining Canada PCC for PR, we can also help you with more services.

Globeia's Fingerprint Check for Employment helps employers to screen carefully so they can trust who they hire. Our Canada Police Check for Pardon commonly known as Record Suspension in Canada confirms if someone has a criminal record, and helps them in the process of reintegration into the community. Globeia’s Digital Fingerprint for the Vulnerable Sector Check may be required if the local police cannot complete the check based on basic details for applicants, this helps to strengthen protection in jobs that deal with people at risk, placing community safety first. Our Criminal Background Check for Adoption provides a detailed review to confirm the suitability of the parents. Rely on Globeia for your RCMP Criminal Record Check for Immigration to simplify the immigration process whether immigrating overseas or applying for immigration within Canada. It allows you to meet the regulatory standards effectively.
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Essential Considerations for the Digital Fingerprint Service

  • Ensure Smooth Processing: 2 Valid Photo IDs are necessary for identification verification.
  • Expedite Your Application: Globeia’s electronic fingerprinting services in Canada application form is required which can be filled by the applicant in the office.
  • Payment Options Available: Bring along a debit card or cash to cover the service fees*
  • Schedule Your Visit: Book an appointment for Globeia digital fingerprinting in Greater Toronto Area in advance for a hassle-free LiveScan Digital Fingerprinting or walk in during business hours**

*Credit cards are not accepted
**Mon to Fri - 8 am to 6 pm; Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm
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Why Do I Need to Avail Digital Fingerprints ?

  • Security Screening requiring DCN number
  • Immi­gra­tion to Canada or other countries
  • For US Visa/Immigration under the Privacy Act
  • Private Employment
  • Adoptions– Canadian and International
  • Foreign Travel– U.S. Waiver, Visa
  • Pardon/ Record suspension Canada applications
  • Name Change
  • For Health Canada
  • For contracts and licenses
  • Vol­un­teer work
  • ICCRC Exam/Licensing
  • Fingerprinting for Nursing Boards
  • Canadian Citizenship / Canadian Permanent Residency
  • Federal/Provincial Employment

Our fast turnaround times, transparent pricing, and comprehensive services ensure hassle-free RCMP digital fingerprinting services. For individuals physically present in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) who are applying for Canadian citizenship, Fingerprint submission to IRCC is simplified through Globeia. We are a reliable fingerprinting company in Toronto.

We can also assist with ensuring that your RCMP results are valid for use overseas by providing Canada apostille services.
Why Choose Globeia?
With the Live scan technology and Globeia’s expertise in digital fingerprinting service Toronto, everything is handled electronically, eliminating the hassle of ink smudges and ensuring 100% accuracy. Become one of our satisfied customers today. Visit us or book an appointment for a smooth RCMP digital fingerprinting service at the earliest. Trust in our expertise, backed by over a decade of experience. Choose Globeia digital fingerprinting service in Canada and submit your fingerprints to the RCMP today.
Streamlined process for swift completion
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Budget-friendly rates tailored to your needs
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Expert Assistance
Professional guidance every step of the way
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Easy appointment booking and walk-in services for digital fingerprints
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What our clients say about us
We are honored to have served thousands of customers just like you who place their trust in our services.
"Highly recommend the services of Globeia I had contacted many professional firms to have my documents legalized and decided to trust Globeia for the legalization of my documents. Their processing system was very customer focused. They provide a five star service in today's virtual world."
Bertrand D'Espagnac

Asked Questions

Contact us for more info
What is Globeia’s Live Scan Fingerprinting?
Globeia's Live Scan Fingerprinting uses advanced technology to capture and send fingerprints digitally. It is a quick and precise process without the need for ink.
Is an appointment mandatory for your services?
No, appointments are not mandatory. We offer walk-in services during our office hours. However, we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before closing time, as the process typically takes around 10-15 minutes per applicant. Globeia's official working hours are:
  • Mon to Fri - 8 am to 6 pm
  • Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm

*Check hours on Google as they are updated and may differ based on Statutory Holidays
How does Globeia ensure the security and compliance of my Criminal Record Checks?
Globeia is recognized by the RCMP as an accredited agency, and we fulfill the necessary criteria to capture and transmit fingerprints. Our expert staff examines and captures your fingerprints following the regulations set by the RCMP.
What makes Globeia a preferred choice for Digital Fingerprinting?
Globeia has a process that is easy and quick, with prices that are good for your budget. We provide you with expert help at all stages and make it simple to submit your digital fingerprints. Our goal is to make things comfortable for the clients.
I received a biometric instruction letter from IRCC. Do you provide biometric services?
If you have received a letter about Biometric Instructions from the IRCC, it is necessary for you to get in touch with Service Canada to book your appointment. This is the only authorized location for biometric services.
Do you provide fingerprints for vulnerable sector checks?
We offer Digital Fingerprint for Vulnerable Sector Check if they are required by the local police. To obtain a vulnerable sector check the applicant must first go to the local police station and get a letter that shows the necessity for fingerprint checks. If after the first check, you need to give fingerprints and have documentation from the police like an email or letter that says so, please show it to us. We will then help you with getting your fingerprints taken properly.
Does the RCMP provide a digital copy of the results?
The RCMP doesn’t provide a digital copy of the results. It only issues a physical document in black and white.
Will previous charges or convictions show up on my certificate if the charges were dropped?
Unless you have formally applied and completed a record suspension application, the existing record will show up on the RCMP result. However, you can conduct a check to confirm whether the records are still associated with your fingerprints or not.
Why did only one person in my family receive a request for fingerprints for Canadian citizenship while others didn't?
IRCC randomly selects applicants for submission of a fingerprint-based background check for Canadian citizenship. It is quite common for only some members of the family to receive this request.
Do you provide fingerprint background checks for US immigration?
Yes, we provide the application and service related to fingerprints for the RCMP Criminal Record Check for Immigration. However, please note that the results can only be received by the applicants when applying for US immigration as you cannot authorize anyone else to receive them on your behalf.
Is a photograph required for submission of fingerprints to RCMP?
Yes, in some application types, a photograph along with fingerprint submission is mandatory. Our staff will take your photo in the office and include it with the digital submission of fingerprints.
What if my fingerprint quality is low and not accepted by the authorities at RCMP?
If the staff finds that your fingerprint quality is low during the digital fingerprinting process, they will inform you in advance. If the RCMP rejects the fingerprints due to low quality, our staff will communicate this to you within 2 to 3 business days. You may need to come to redo the fingerprint submission, ensuring the quality meets the required standards.
If I am applying for adoption and have been asked for a background check, do I need to provide an RCMP fingerprint-based check?
In most cases of adoption, whether international or local, a background check based on fingerprints is required. However, it is recommended that you reconfirm with the authorities who are requesting the background check to ensure accuracy.
I did a basic check and now I'm being asked for fingerprints. Why?
In a basic check, the criminal background is verified against your name and birth date. If your name and birth date match with another individual who has a record in Canada, Fingerprint submission to RCMP becomes mandatory. This is because the police cannot provide conclusive results solely based on the name and birth date of the applicant.
How long are the fingerprint background check results valid?
The validity of fingerprint background check results is typically determined by the organizations requesting the check. Generally, they are valid for a period ranging from six months to one year. After this period, the results may no longer be considered valid. It is recommended to reconfirm the validity period with the relevant authorities.
What are the Ways to track my application with the RCMP?
You can ask about the application’s status by getting in touch with the RCMP Civil Fingerprint Screening Services. The email ID is or (613) 998-6362 by providing your Name, DOB, and DCN no.
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