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Globeia Offers Toronto Notary Public for The Province of Ontario

Experience the utmost convenience with Globeia's efficient online notary public in Toronto services. Our easy-to-use website makes it simpler than before to use basic electronic notarization services. Our team of skilled notaries in the Greater Toronto Area and Toronto provides fast and safe services to notarize your affidavits, statutory declarations, and other important documents. This is all appropriately accomplished through our online portal.

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Toronto Online Notary Public Services
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Try Globeia for Affordable Notary Public Services in Toronto

Notarizing documents online in Toronto is an important step to make sure your documents are authentic and valid. People who have licenses as Notary Public in Toronto carry out this service, checking that the signatures on the documents are real and the information is correct. Contact us to know more about our services.
Regular Notarization Cost
Starting at $55
Digital Notarization Cost
Starting at $85

Globeia Provides Hassle Free Notarized Document in Toronto

Here's how easy it is to get your documents notarized online with Globeia in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Booking Appointment: Schedule your appointment

Step 2: Virtual Signing: Meet your notary via videoconference and sign your documents electronically.

Step 3: Payment and Process Completion: Pay securely with a credit card or Visa debit card, then receive your notarized document as per agreed mode.
Hassle Free Notarized Document in Toronto
Booking Appointment
Virtual Signing
Payment and Process Completion
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Vital Role of Best Notarization Services in Toronto in Apostille and Legalization Processes in Toronto

The services of the notary public in Toronto are essential for accelerating the process of getting your documents apostilled. They apply a formal authenticity stamp to validate your documents, which helps you obtain the apostille certificate speedily.

Additionally, using online notary services helps documents get recognized by organizations in other countries, making legal dealings between different nations easier. Apostille certificates in Canada or stamps for authentication and legalization are important proof that a document is real and can be used internationally.

Online services of the notary public often act as the first processing step before the documents go through apostille or authentication and legalization processes. With Mobile Notary services, the Notary Public confirms that the document meets all necessary conditions set by the issuing Ministry to get certificates of apostille or stamps of authentication and legalization.

People searching for the services of a notary in downtown Toronto can easily find a nearby Notary Public by searching on the internet. It will help them process their documents properly for use in other countries.
Ontario Apostille
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Understanding the Services of the Notary Public in Toronto

Significance of Services Offered By Toronto Notary Public for the province of Ontario

Listed are the reasons that depict the importance of the services provided by the notary public in Toronto.

Assurance of Document Authenticity:

By getting the notary public in Toronto to notarize, documents are confirmed authentic. It makes them more credible and trustworthy.

Legal Validity Confirmation:

For numerous legal proceedings, it is necessary to have documents notarized to be considered legally correct. This includes situations involving buying and selling property, creating wills, or setting up powers of attorney. The notary service makes sure that these documents meet legal standards and can be used as proof in a courtroom.

Prevention of Fraud through Remote Online Notary Services:

The notary service helps to prevent dishonest actions and promotes transparency and credibility.

Global Recognition:

When people use notary services in Toronto to get their documents verified, those documents are often accepted around the world because they're seen as genuine and reliable. If someone is doing business with partners from other countries or dealing with laws outside Canada, notarized documents help make everything go smoothly and ensure compliance.

The notarial services in Toronto help individuals and companies manage legal procedures and deals safely.
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What do we do?

Explore the full range of services we offer at Globeia in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, and other places. Our website makes it easy to get legal documents notarized and commissioned remotely. If you need help with legal papers like statutory declarations, affidavits and oaths, forms for the Ontario court or immigration, OSAP documents, Service Ontario paperwork, real estate property documents, wills, powers of attorney, as well as the City of Toronto and local government documents – our services can provide what you require. Consult with us for more details.

Irrespective of your location, you can access our notary public in Toronto services. Whether you are in Ontario, Canada, the United States, or any place around the world, we can help.

Note that your privacy is essential to us. We maintain strict standards for privacy and use excellent security systems to protect your information. Dive into our Privacy and Security measures for more details.

Do you need multiple signatories? There is no need to worry about it. You can add more people to sign during your notary meeting, even when they are in various locations. We work hard to keep the process simple and helpful for you. If you are looking for the best notary public Toronto near me, contact us at the earliest.
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Learn the Regular Notarization Process with a Toronto Notary Public

Here are the steps associated with notarizing your documents with the help of a notary public in Toronto Downtown.

  1. The document needs to have a seal and also a signature that is written by hand because signatures from a printer are not allowed.
  2. It needs to have the organization's official seal next to the signature of the person who has permission to sign.
  3. Original documents are very important; to obtain a copy, which is then stamped and certified by the notary public as an official true copy.
  4. Some clients might prefer the notary public in Toronto to notarize the original document. In these cases, the notary public can notarize the document by affixing their stamp on the original document itself.

Digital Notarization vs Regular Notarization

No more difficult paperwork or long waits with Globeia notarization services in Toronto. Become one of the many happy customers by providing us with your documents for notarization. Reach out to us today to learn more about our electronic notary services.
Digital Notarization
Regular Notarization
Original Educational degrees/Transcripts
Affidavits that need to be signed in the presence of a notary public
Medical certificates with wet signature and stamp from Doctor's office
Powers of attorney, Property deeds,
Bank statements/documents with wet signatures and stamps
Wills that need to be signed in front of a notary public
Report cards signed and stamped by the school
Digitally issued documents like Transcripts, degrees, Diplomas, Digitally issued medical records
Letters from Service Canada issued as physical documents
Business agreements bearing e-signatures, Financial documents accessed through a portal, Personal identification documents accessed through a portal
Original Personal Identification documents
Why Choose Globeia?
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Transparent and Affordable Rates
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Discover the Digital Notarization Process

Listed are the common steps associated with the digital notarization process.

  1. The public notary in GTA Toronto sets up an online meeting with the client who needs documents to be notarized through Zoom.
  2. The Notary Public checks the document carefully to make sure that every information provided is complete, correct, and complies with the law. Screen sharing may be necessary to demonstrate document access.
  3. People who need notary public services in Toronto join an online meeting to sign their documents while the Notary Public maintains a strict watch. The Notary Public verifies that their signature is voluntary and free from any coercion.
  4. Upon completion of the online notary services, the notary public in downtown Toronto affixes their official seal or stamp to the document, confirming its notarization and legal validity.
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What our clients say about us
We are honored to have served thousands of customers just like you who place their trust in our services.
"Highly recommend the services of Globeia I had contacted many professional firms to have my documents legalized and decided to trust Globeia for the legalization of my documents. Their processing system was very customer focused. They provide a five star service in today's virtual world."
Bertrand D'Espagnac

Asked Questions

Contact us for more info
Do I Need Notarization to Apostille My Documents?
In most cases, apostille requires prior notarization from Canada. However, documents issued by vital statistics in Toronto, like birth, marriage, and death certificates, typically do not require notarial services
How Can I Determine if My Document Needs Online Notarization in Toronto?
Documents received through portals or email attachments may require online notary services. Sharing details about how you received your document helps us advise you better.
What Are the Steps for Notarizing an Enrollment Letter from a Canadian University?
Most Canadian universities issue enrollment letters electronically. These documents require electronic notary services also known as digital notarization, where you'll share your screen to display the document's authenticity.
How Is a Power of Attorney Signed or Notarized?
You can provide online notary services to notarize a Power of Attorney over Zoom or arrange an in-person signing appointment if you're in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
Are Notarized Documents Valid Outside Canada?
Notarization alone may not suffice; Apostille certification is often required, along with legalization for non-Apostille Convention countries.
What Makes a Document Eligible for Virtual Notarization?
You must have a valid ID, which is better if it has your photo, to present in the Zoom call. You must access the document for checking and signing during the session.
Does Globeia Offer In-Office Notarization?
Our notary public operates by appointment only, providing in-office notarization services upon prior arrangement.
Can Globeia Expedite Apostille for Notarized Documents?
We can speed up the Apostille process for documents that have already been notarized. However, the time these documents will take for the apostille will depend on the province where the document was notarized
Can Globeia Assist with Apostille for Quebec-Notarized Documents?
Documents notarized in Quebec need additional certification from the Chamber of Notaries and must be sent to the Quebec Ministry for Apostille. We can share more details for the same upon reviewing the document. Contact us today to know more
Is There an Alternative to Global Affairs for Apostille?
If your documents are notarized outside of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan or Quebec, they need an Apostille from Global Affairs in Ottawa, Canada. However, at Globeia, we can quickly notarize documents in Ontario to expedite the entire process and obtain an apostille in Ontario.

Contact us at Globeia for a trustworthy and efficient notary public in Toronto services. Our experienced team ensures meticulous handling of your documents, providing expedited processing to meet your urgent needs. Whether you require notarization for legal documents, apostille certification, or assistance with document authentication, we're here to assist you every step of the way. Choose Globeia notarization services in Toronto to authenticate your important documents.
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