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Why Are Your Fingerprints Needed?

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Posted: March 1, 2021

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Fingerprinting is essential, especially in the world of forensic science. For one, it gives investigators a strong link between crimes, specifically when these crimes involve the same person. Through the identification of fingerprints, investigators also get to track one’s criminal record. From there, they can easily check arrests and convictions that happened in the past. The primary function of fingerprints is to be an aid in probation, sentencing, and pardoning decisions.

What are Fingerprints?

But aside from their purpose, what exactly are fingerprints? Technically speaking, fingerprints are impressions or marks that can be found on a person’s fingertips What assembles these marks are unique patterns of lines, curves, and whorls.

The police turn to fingerprints if they do not have sufficient details that can help them proceed with the application. When this is the case, fingerprints are asked to be submitted.

Fingerprinting services are also needed for employment and licensing purposes. All over Canada, there is a good number of companies and organizations (both public and private) that may require these fingerprinting services before they complete a process. Fingerprinting is also needed when doing the background checks of job applicants.
Other specific uses of fingerprints include:


When would you need Fingerprints?

Prior to obtaining your fingerprints, be straightforward for your purpose. This is necessary so the staff can help you best, depending on your reason for fingerprinting. The most common purposes for getting a fingerprinting service include:

  • Adoption
  • Border Crossing/Foreign Travel
  • Canadian Immigration
  • Child Custody Hearing
  • Citizenship
  • Federal Government, Provincial Government, Corporate Client, or Private Industry Employment
  • Name Change
  • Pardon (Record Suspension)
  • Privacy Act
  • Probation Reports
  • US Waiver
  • Visa
  • Volunteer Work
  • Vulnerable Sector

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