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How To Apply For PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) From Canada?

A PCC from Canada serves as proof of a criminal record check conducted against your details. RCMP, Canada’s national police service, is the central authority that oversees these background check requests. You will need to submit your application to the RCMP to get a PCC issued for use in Canada or anywhere else around the world.

Canada joins the Hague Apostille Convention: Here is what it means for your documents
Canada joins the Hague Apostille Convention: Here is what it means for your documents

The process of getting your Canadian documents apostilled has now been made simpler with Canada officially joining the Hague Apostille Convention. This landmark decision was made on May 12, 2023, and will officially come into effect on January 11, 2024. This move is a welcome change for both the general Canadian population and businesses, as it makes the use of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and business paperwork in other parts of the world more convenient.

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