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What shows up on Canadian Criminal Record Checks?

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Posted: March 10, 2021

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Whether we are applying for a new job, going abroad for new opportunities, or requesting a specific license, more often than not we are required to undergo a criminal records check in Canada. This is primarily because the organization asking for this wants to make sure that we are safe to deal with.

Rcmp Criminal Record Checks are also necessary to ensure that you are lawfully and legally “clean”. Once you’re a professional, getting lots of criminal background check requests may start to feel common.
How do Criminal Record Checks work in Canada?

In Canada, the Rcmp Criminal Record Checks come with several other names such as police record checks, criminal history checks, and police clearance. The officers check the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) database to see if there are records worth noting. They basically screen the police records if there is at least one that is associated with the applicant’s name and date of birth. The database is maintained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).
Many employers in Canada prefer the RCMP Criminal Record Check method of the CPIC over others for their strong history and reliability.

Police record checks based solely on the name and date of birth do not list any offences. Rather, it only indicates any association with the provided name and date of birth. However, RCMP record checks may provide a list of offences for which a pardon has not been granted.
There are three types of police record checks:
Criminal record check
This type only includes criminal convictions and guilt findings under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA).
Criminal record and judicial matters check;
This type will include the information in the previous type, as well as the following:
Court orders
Charges and warrants
Peace bonds
Active probations and prohibition orders
Crimes you have an absolute discharge for (except those sentenced more than one year ago)
Crimes you have a conditional discharge for (except those sentenced more than three years ago)
Vulnerable sector record check
This type will include the information in the two previous types, as well as the following:
Recent cases of not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder (except those who received an absolute discharge)
Record suspensions for sexual offence convictions
Non-conviction details such as withdrawn and dismissed charges in exceptional cases
Information that is NOT in the record check

Take note that several pieces of information about you will not be recorded in the check. These details are the following:

Being questioned by police
Being arrested (but not charged with a crime)
Contacting the police for a crime report
Having contact with the police due to a mental health crisis
For more information on how to acquire a police certificate for a particular country, please visit this link. On the other hand, if you need assistance on criminal background checks in Canada, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, send us an email, or visit us via an appointment as we are here to help you!

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