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Background Checks: How Long Do They Take?

Background checks are pretty standard in Canada, just like how it is in the United States. However, even though these two countries are geographically close to each other, the laws that surround these inspections have some dissimilarities.

4 mins

Mar 26, 2024

Background checks are pretty standard in Canada, just like how it is in the United States. However, even though these two countries are geographically close to each other, the laws that surround these inspections have some dissimilarities.

The processes involved in checking the background of a particular individual in these two countries vary in different factors such as the following:

Overall process

Details obtained

Languages involved

Human rights laws

Privacy regulations

In Canada, there is no fixed duration that tells you when will the background check be completed. It’s always best to stay in touch with your background check service provider to give you information regarding your request, especially if you are particular about the time it takes.

To give you a better understanding of the duration of the background checks, we have listed the main factors that affect them.


First Factor: The Type of Background Check You Are Looking For

If you’ve been asked to undergo a background check, you must be aware of what kind of check you need. In Canada, there is more than one type of background check. It’s better to be familiar to save you time, effort, and money.

RCMP-Certified Criminal Background Check

This type of background check is the most accepted document for background screening purposes. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) uses fingerprints for investigation. It is a quite common requirement if you are applying for anything in Canada. It is also required in almost all foreign applications such as visas, adoption, and immigration.

CPIC Check

This one is the fastest. The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) does not use fingerprints and only relies on your name and date of birth when checking your background. This is why, most of the time, results are available right away. In some circumstances though (e.g., you’re sharing the same full name with others), you might have to submit your fingerprints. Instances like that may cause delays.

Vulnerable Sector Check

This check is intended for those who are in high positions of authority. This is to give the public a sense of transparency from them and ensure that they are free of crimes and sexual assaults. This type of background check includes criminal Convictions from CPIC and local databases, convictions within the last five years, outstanding entries, and absolute and conditional discharges, among others.

Other types

There are also other types of background checks with specific purposes. These include the following:

Credit checks

Medical records check

Educational background check

Reference check

Social media background check

Driver and vehicle records check

Background checks for immigration and travel visa

Second Factor: Are Your Requirements Complete?

When undergoing a background check, the information coming from you is necessary. Should you miss to provide a single requirement, delays may occur. This is why prior to applying for a background check, make sure to contact your provider and ask about all the requirements.

A common requirement, though, is identification. Usually, you have to provide two valid forms of ID. Make sure that your ID has your name, date of birth, photo of you, and your signature. Unless there is a legislated purpose, your Social Insurance Number (SIN) is not required.


Third Factor: Where to Get the Background Check From

This is an essential part when applying for a background check. Make sure to look for a service provider that is known for its quality and speed. Often, the need for background checks arises, that’s why you need a provider that acts swiftly to satisfy your request.

To give you a hint, when getting a police record check, one should go to the police station, fill out the form, and wait for the results. The result may take days or weeks.

Background check requests done online are faster and more convenient. But then again, lead time may vary depending on your provider. Here at Globeia, we work as efficiently as possible to give the results in the earliest time possible.

We hope your questions have been answered. If you have additional inquiries, feel free to contact Globeia. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, send us an email, or visit us via an appointment as we are here to help.

Address: 1185 Victoria Park Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario M4B 2K5

Phone: 416-288-8070


Take note that this article only intends to inform and educate readers, so as to help them with similar problems they might have. Any text or information from this publication should not, in any way, be taken as legal advice. We also disclaim any responsibility for the damages that may occur out of the details laid out here. It’s always ideal to consult with experienced legal counsel to learn more about a certain subject and the processes involved. In addition, we do not take any responsibility to update content that was posted in the past.

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