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Reliable Translation Services in Canada

If you are seeking for ATIO certified translation in Toronto, look no further! Globeia provides certified translation services in no time.

A certified translation service is sometimes required when it comes to translating important and official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, transcripts and more. A certified translation is different from a regular translation. It guarantees satisfaction of all the requirements needed for the document to be accepted as a legal translation. This way, a document written in any language (such as French, Urdu,Spanish, German etc.) can be translated to English or vice versa and used for legal purposes.

As the global marketplace expands across cultural and linguistic barriers, we value quality along every phase of our professional translation service. Globeia’s unique mix of expert ATIO certified translators, unmatched customer service and cutting-edge technology allows us high quality translation services with fast turnaround time and reasonable rates.

If you are looking to get your documents certified translated, please fill in the below information and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.

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Our experts will process your Canadian documents quickly, accurately, and securely. To get started, simply schedule a 15-minute fact-finding call with one of our experts or send us the details of your request for an translation service via the form below.

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