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Police Criminal Record Check (CPIC)?

Delivered As Quickly As 30 Minutes

Globeia lets you apply for a police check online. It’s Fast, Secure, and Affordable.

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How Does It Work?

We have made it simple for you to request a police criminal record check online. At Globeia, we take pride in offering the most convenient and reliable police clearance certificate service. You can start your CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) application through Globeia right now, by submitting your required information. Your Canadian police clearance certificate will be issued to you within an hour, if you submit your application during our business hours and there are no missing details.

Save time and money

Globeia offers the fastest criminal background checks in 5 easy steps. Apply online at our high-end safe and secure portal to get online services at the best pricing.

What Does My Criminal Record Check Mean?

There are three types of results for criminal record check requests. Your police clearance certificate will mention one of the following results:

  1. Negative
  2. Positive
  3. Incomplete


A negative result means you do not have a criminal record against your name and date of birth.


This means you declared your criminal history while filling out your criminal record check application. A positive result is issued when the police have verified the mentioned charges during your background check.


Your police background check will come back as ‘Incomplete’ if you haven’t self-declared your previous criminal convictions or if you have been fingerprinted in the past. In this case, you will need to apply for a fingerprint-based RCMP check.
You might also be unable to complete the same-day background check if someone with your name and date of birth has a criminal record.


How do I submit my police check application online?

Our clients are spread all over the globe. We have also helped hundreds of applicants get their criminal record check certificates from the comfort of their homes.
We regularly get police record check applications from:
a. Peel
b. Hamilton
c. Ottawa
d. the York region
e. Niagara
f. Kingston
g. Saskatoon
h. Calgary
i. North bay
j. Barrie
k. Durham
We offer a fast police check service. Our online application portal is available 24/7 and contains a streamlined process to help you submit your details for a police report check.
Is Globeia reliable for processing my national police check application?
Our CRC team has extensive experience dealing with both the National Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and provincial services such as the Ontario Provincial Police, Hamilton Police, and the Calgary Police Service. This allows us to offer a quick and affordable CPC service.

Can I upload photos of my ID with a cellphone and upload them?

Yes, phone scanned IDs are acceptable for an online basic police check, provided they are of good quality and clearly display the identifying information.

How secure is your online system?

Transparency is one of our core values. To ensure that your data is processed and eventually discarded in a secure manner, we use the latest data security protocols and carefully vet our background check service employees, while still keeping our service’s costs at a minimum.

I am currently outside Canada. Can I still get apply for a police background check?

Yes, you can still apply for a criminal clearance certificate. However, you might need to follow a slightly different procedure. Please get in touch with us at (416-288-8070) or send us an email at One of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

I am under 18 years old. Can I apply for a police criminal record check through Globeia?

You will have to visit a police station near you to apply for a criminal background check. Your local police service will issue your police check report.