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USA Passport/ Visa Photos

Trust Globeia with your passport/visa/immigration photos. We are trained and experienced in taking instant and digital photos while maintaining all the specific requirements for USA passport and Visa. We are conveniently located in Toronto, easily accessible by TTC and free customer parking is also available. You are welcomed to walk in, No Appointments are required. With Globeia you do not have to worry about your photos not being accepted. If you need more information please contact us.

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  • USA Passport/Visa Photo Requirements
  • USA Passport/Visa Photo Requirements

USA Passport/Visa Photo Requirement

SizeThe required photo size is 2 inches x 2 inches.
ColorThe photo can be either black and white or in color.
Heaad size and positionYour head should occupy 1 inch to 1 3/8 inches (25mm to 35mm) of the photograph and the space between your eye and the bottom of the picture must be 1 1/8 inches to 1 3/8 inches (28mm to 35mm). For the position, your head must be in the center of the photo while you look directly into the camera. Moreover, your head needs to be seen perfectly from the top of your hair to the tip of your chin and both the sides of your face should be perfectly visible as well.
RecencyRecent or taken within the last 6 months.
BackgroundA white background is mandatory and the picture must not have any borders.
EarsAs per the photo requirements, your both ears should be visible in the photo.
SubmissionsThe photo can be unmounted or you can glue or staple it to the Form DS-82 or DS-11 (application for U.S. passport) but make sure that the staples are placed away from your face in the photo.
HeadgearHeadgear is allowed only for religious reasons. Still, you are required to show your complete face in the picture.
Glasses Wearing any kind of glasses is forbidden. However, in serious medical conditions, an eye patch is allowed.
Accessories and customerAny other accessories, traditional facemasks or veils, hats, tribal costumes or national costumes are not allowed.
Quantity of photos2

Digital Photo Requirements

The photo should not be pixelated.
The picture should not contain dot patterns.
Photocopied images are not permitted.
You must be facing the camera.
The picture must be taken from slightly above the top of your hair to the middle of your chest.
You should look straight into the camera with open eyes.
You should wear your prescription glasses.
You can avoid the glare on the lenses by slightly tilting your head downward or upward.
Plain white background.
Wearing a religious headgear is allowed but make sure that there isn’t any shadow on your eyes or face due to wearing it.

USA photo dimensions

USA passport/Visa Photo Dimensions

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