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United Kingdom Passport/ Visa Photos

Globeia Photo Centre provides instant and digital photo service for passport/visa/immigration purposes. We are experienced with complying with specific requirements of United Kingdom (U.K). Leave it to us to get your photos approved. We are welcoming our clients on a walk-in basis, so no prior appointment is required. Our office is conveniently located in Toronto. Our office is close to TTC bus stops and we provide free customer parking as well. We look forward to taking your photos. If you need more information, please send us an email or give us a call.

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  • United Kingdom Passport/Visa Photo Requirements
  • United Kingdom Passport/Visa Photo Requirements

Size The required photo size is 35mm x 45mm.
ColorThe picture must be in color. Black and white, filtered or digitally enhanced pictures will not accepted.
Head size and positionYour head must take up 29mm to 34mm of the photo. Also, your head and the top part of your shoulders must be squared with the camera.
RecencyAccording to the photo requirements, the picture must have been captured within the last 30 days.
BackgroundThe color of the background must be either cream or light grey. Furthermore, the background cannot have any designs.
Expressions You are not permitted to smile. Moreover, you need to keep your mouth closed while maintaining neutral expressions for the photo
Eyes You must keep your eyes open and clearly visible.
GlassesReading glasses are acceptable only if they don’t block your eyes or create a glare. However, tinted lenses are not allowed.
HairYour hair must not cover your face if you choose to keep them down.
HeadgearYou can wear a headgear for medical or religious reasons but make sure that it must not hide your face in any way.
Dimensions and size (Pixel) Not specified.
Attire, Clothing, Dress codeYou are allowed to wear any attire of your choice.
Beard You are required to submit a photo which represents your everyday appearance. So, it can be with or without a beard. However, you must not shave or grow a beard specifically for the photo.
Quantity needed in application2

United Kingdom Passport/Visa Photo Dimensions

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