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Uganda Passport/ Visa Photos

Globeia Photo centre is located in Toronto, Specializes in Instant Passport/Visa/Immigration Photos. We are aware of and comply with all the specific requirements of Uganda. Our service is fast, reliable and reasonably priced. Our prices are $8.99 plus HST for 1 set of two photos. We are welcoming walk-ins. No Appointments are required. With Globeia, you will not have to worry about your photo being rejected. If you need more information please contact us.

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  • Uganda Passport/Visa Photo Requirements
  • Uganda Passport/Visa Photo Requirements

SizeThe photo size must be 2 inches by 2 inches.
Color A color photo only.
Head positionKeep your head straight and perpendicular to the camera. Do not tilt or rotate it. Moreover, portrait-style pictures are forbidden.
RecencyThe picture must not have been captured more than 6 months ago.
BackgroundThe background must not have any patterns or colors except white as only a plain white background is required. Moreover, you should avoid any shadows.
ExpressionsOnly neutral and natural facial expressions are acceptable. Smiling is not allowed.
EyesCompletely visible eyes are a must. They should never be blocked.
Quality As per the photo requirements, focused pictures are preferred as any blurred pictures will not be accepted.
Glasses You are permitted to wear prescription glasses but you also need to make sure that they do not block your eyes or create a glare in the photo. Hence, it is good if you don’t wear them. Moreover, sunglasses are always forbidden.
HeadwearYou can wear a headwear if wearing it is your religious or cultural need. In all other cases, you are not allowed to cover your head. However, it is important that your face should be perfectly seen from the bottom of your chin to the top of your head and any shadows must not be visible in the photo.
ResolutionsAt least 600 dpi.
Dress codeNo white clothes. You must wear only the ones which are in contrast with the background.
BeardYou just need to make sure that your picture must represent your daily look. So, it can be with or without beard. Also, avoid making changes to your facial hair after getting your picture captured.
LightingAn appropriate amount of lighting should be there to avoid getting too dull or too bright pictures. Also, place the source of the light in front of you so that you don’t get any shadows in the photo.
Number of photos2

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