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Russian Passport/ Visa Photos

Globeia Photo centre is located in Toronto, Specializes in Instant Passport/Visa/Immigration Photos. We are aware of and comply with all the specific requirements of Russia. Our service is fast, reliable and reasonably priced. Our prices are $8.99 plus HST for 1 set of two photos. We are welcoming walk-ins. No Appointments are required. With Globeia, you will not have to worry about your photo being rejected. If you need more information please contact us.

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  • Russian Passport/Visa photo Requirements
  • Russian Passport/Visa photo Requirements

SizeThe required photo size is 35mm by 45mm.
ColorBe it a scanned photo or a digital one, it should be colored.
Head size and positionYour face must occupy 50% of the picture. It should be in the center and squared with the camera.
RecencyNo older than 6 months.
Background For the color, it can be white or any soft color and for the texture, it should be plain without any designs.
SmileA relaxed face representing neutral facial expressions is perfect for the photo. Your mouth must be closed and you should not smile or frown.
EyesYou need to look straight into the camera while making sure that your eyes are open widely and perfectly visible in the picture.
Glasses Only thin-framed daily wearing glasses are acceptable. Tinted lenses or a glare on the lenses will lead to the rejection of the photo.
HeadgearWearing any headgear is strictly forbidden. However, you can wear it for religious or medical purposes. Furthermore, you’ll need to submit a note from your doctor and an extra form for medical reasoning. Also, your face should be fully visible.
Dimensions and size It is not stated.
ClothingAvoid wearing any uniforms such as law enforcement or military uniforms.
BeardAs long as keeping a beard represents your daily look then you can have it for the photo also. Avoid growing or shaving one specifically for the photo.
Lighting As per the photo requirements, the lighting under which you’ll be capturing the picture must be even and perfect enough to reflect your actual skin tone.
AlterationsPerforming digital alterations on the photo for removing scars, moles or blemishes is not allowed.
QualityYou must get the photo printed on a high quality, glossy photo paper. Matte will be rejected.
Quantity needed in application1

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