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Netherland Passport/Visa Photo

Trust Globeia with your passport/visa/immigration photos. We are trained and experienced in taking instant and digital photos while maintaining all the specific requirements for Netherlands. We are conveniently located in Toronto, easily accessible by TTC and free customer parking is also available. You are welcomed to walk in, No Appointments are required. With Globeia you do not have to worry about your photos not being accepted. If you need more information please contact us.

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  • Dutch Passport/Visa photo Requirements
  • Dutch Passport/Visa photo Requirements

Size of Photo The photo size must be 35mm x 45mm.
Color Yes, please submit a picture in full color.
Head size and positionYour full face must be visible and your head should not be tilted. It must be straight. Make sure that you look directly at the camera.
Background A white background is necessary for the picture. A picture with a white wall or door in the background will be accepted.
ExpressionsYou should keep neutral facial expressions for the photo. Please avoid any other expressions.
EyesYour eyes are required to be open and clearly visible.
Glasses Sunglasses are strictly forbidden. However, daily wearing glasses are permitted but keep in mind that glares shouldn’t be in the photo.
HeadgearHats and caps aren’t allowed. Also, you should tuck your hair behind your ears and for the ones who aren’t permitted to uncover their head by their religion, you can wear any scarf or something but it shouldn’t block your face.
Recency As per the photo requirements, you cannot submit a photo which has been captured more than 6 months ago.

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