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Malaysian Passport/ Visa Photos

Globeia Photo centre is located in Toronto, Specializes in Instant Passport/Visa/Immigration Photos. We are aware of and comply with all the specific requirements of Malaysia. Our service is fast, reliable and reasonably priced. Our prices are $8.99 plus HST for 1 set of two photos. We are welcoming walk-ins. No Appointments are required. With Globeia, you will not have to worry about your photo being rejected. If you need more information please contact us.

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  • Malaysian Passport/Visa Requirements
  • Malaysian Passport/Visa Requirements

SizeThe photo size must be 35mm by 50mm.
ColorA photo representing natural colors and your actual skin tone is required. A black and white picture or a picture with filters applied on it will be rejected.
Head size and positionYour head is required to be squared with the camera and it must occupy 50% to 60% (25mm to 30 mm) of the entire photo. Moreover, there should be a space of 10mm between the top of your head and the top of the photo as well as a 10mm distance between the bottom of your chin and the bottom of the photo itself.
Recency Photos which have been captured 6 months ago will be rejected.
Background No colors, patterns or prints are allowed to be in the background as only a white background is required.
ExpressionsStay relaxed to have neutral facial expressions as smiling is not permitted. Moreover, your mouth must be closed as well.
EyesAs per the photo requirements, your eyes should be clearly visible along with being directed towards the camera. If you get a red-eye in the picture, avoid editing it. Please retake the picture in this case.
GlassesWhat you need to make sure is that glasses do not cover your eyes. Moreover, thick-rimmed glasses, sunglasses and tinted lenses are strictly forbidden. Please avoid any glare in the photo.
HeadgearIf you need to wear a headgear for religious reasons then be careful that it doesn’t block your face as your face needs to be perfectly visible. Moreover, you are not allowed to wear hats, caps, headpieces and flashy jewelry for the photo.
Dimensions and size (pixel)It is not specified.
AttireYour attire must be in contrast with the white background. However, wearing military or law enforcement uniforms is not permitted due to security reasons.
BeardDon’t shave off your beard specially for the photo. Also, don’t keep one for the photo only. Your photo must reflect your everyday appearance.
QualityA focused picture without any shadows or hair on your face is required. Furthermore, it must be printed on a high-quality photo paper and no alterations are allowed to be done on the picture. Every scar, mole or freckles need to be visible in the photo.
LightingPictures which are too dull or too bright will be rejected. You are required to maintain a perfect amount of lighting and no shadows or reflections should be seen in the picture as well.
Quantity needed in application2 pictures per applicant.

Malaysian Passport/Visa Requirements

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