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Canadian Passport/ Visa Photos

Globeia Photo Centre provides instant and digital photo service for passport/visa/immigration purposes. We are experienced with complying with specific requirements of Canada. Leave it to us to get your photos approved. We are welcoming our clients on a walk-in basis, so no prior appointment is required. Our office is conveniently located in Toronto. Our office is close to TTC bus stops and we provide free customer parking as well. We look forward to taking your photos. If you need more information, please send us an email or give us a call.

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  • Canadian Passport Photo requirements
  • Canadian Visa Photo Requirements
  • Canadian Passport Photo requirements

SizeThe photo size must be 50mm x 70mm.
Color Both black and white or color photos are allowed.
Head size and position Your head should be positioned in the center of the photo. Also, the top part of your shoulders and your head must be squared with the camera. Furthermore, your head must occupy 31mm to 36mm of the entire picture and any shadows should be avoided.
RecencyIt must have been clicked within the last 6 months.
BackgroundA solid white or light-colored background is important. However, neither any designs nor any medical equipments should be visible in the background.
ExpressionsAny other expressions except neutral facial expressions are not allowed.
Eyes As per the photo requirements, widely open eyes are necessary for the photo.
GlassesAll that you need to keep in mind is that your eyes and all of your facial features must be clearly visible. A photo with thick-framed glasses, a glare or reflection, glasses with tinted lenses and sunglasses will be rejected.
Headgear Headgear can be worn only if it is your religious need. Moreover, you will need to submit a signed letter from your doctor if wearing a medical device is mandatory for you. However, your face must not be hidden in any way.
Dimension and Size (Pixel)Not specified.
Attire, clothing, dress codeWear whatever you like.
Beard There aren’t any restrictions.
QualityThe photo needs to be printed on a high quality, glossy photo paper. Moreover, the picture must not be distorted due to the flash.
Lighting It should be perfect enough to get a focused picture. Moreover, you must be clearly visible in the photo.
Digital AlternationsNo, any kind of digitally altered photos will not be accepted. You are not even allowed to remove a red eye from the picture.
HairYou can keep your hair either up or down.
Commercial PhotographerIf a commercial photographer is submitting your pictures then the name, address and signature of the photographer must be mentioned on the back of both the photos.
CommentsOn the back of one of your photos, you must include the following information: applicant’s name, address of the photo studio, the date on which the photo has been clicked, a statement: “I certify this to be a true likeness of (applicant)” and a sign (guarantor’s name and surname). However, while renewing an adult’s passport, you can skip the guarantor’s information and only mention the applicant’s name, address of the photo studio and the date on which the picture has been captured. Also, for the address of the studio and date, the photographer can either use a stamp or write it with a pen/pencil.
Quantity needed for application2

Canadian Passport photo Dimension

  • Canadian Visa Photo Requirements

SizeThe required photo size is 35mm x 45mm.
Color You can submit either a color photo or a black and white photo.
Head size and Position Your head must be centrally aligned in the picture as well as it must occupy 31mm to 36mm of the entire picture. Also, you should make sure that the top part of your shoulders and your head must be squared with the camera. Lastly, you are not allowed to submit a photo which contains shadows.
RecencyAccording to the photo requirements, the picture which you submit must not be older than 6 months.
BackgroundYou are required to submit a picture with a solid white or light-colored background. No, the background cannot have any sceneries, designs or medical equipments.
ExpressionYou must maintain neutral facial expressions for the photo.
EyesYour eyes should be widely open.
GlassesSunglasses, glasses with tinted lenses and thick-framed glasses are not permitted. However, reading glasses are allowed if they do not create a glare in the photo. Moreover, perfect visibility of all of your facial features including your eyes is mandatory.
HeadgearIt is only allowed for medical or religious purposes. However, a signed letter from your doctor will be required for wearing a medical device in the photo. Still, your full face must be completely visible.
Dimensions and size (Pixels)It is not specified.
Attire, Clothing, Dress codeNo specifications have been mentioned regarding your dress.
BeardNo Specifications
QualityYou need to submit a picture which is printed on a high quality, glossy photo paper while making sure that the picture is not distorted due to anything such as a flash.
LightingChoose a good source as well as a good amount of lighting as your picture needs to be focused in which you can be seen clearly.
Digital AlterationsDigitally enhanced or altered pictures will be rejected. No, removal of a red eye is also not allowed.
HairThey can be kept either up or down.
Commercial PhotographerIf the photos are being submitted by a commercial photographer then his name, address and signature should be present on the back of both the photos.
Quantity needed in application2

Canadian Visa Photo Dimensions

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