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Bahama Passport/ Visa Photos

Trust Globeia with your passport/visa/immigration photos. We are trained and experienced in taking instant and digital photos while maintaining all the specific requirements for Bahama. We are conveniently located in Toronto, easily accessible by TTC and free customer parking is also available. You are welcomed to walk in, No Appointments are required. With Globeia you do not have to worry about your photos not being accepted. If you need more information please contact us.

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  • Bahama Passport/ Visa Photo requirement
  • Bahama Passport/ Visa Photo requirement

SizeThe passport / visa photo size should be 2 inches in height and 2 inches in width.
ColorThe picture is required to be in color and on a photo-quality paper.
Head size and positionYour head should never be at an angle, tilted or rotated. Keep it straight facing the camera and make sure that both sides of your head can be seen clearly. Moreover, you are strictly prohibited to submit a portrait-style picture.
RecencyAccording to the photo requirements, you must submit your recent photos. The pictures can’t be older than 6 months.
BackgroundWhite background is important for your photo. A photo having any patterns, shadows or other colors in the background will not be accepted.
ExpressionBe it smiling, frowning or raising your eyebrows, none of these expressions are allowed. Stay relaxed to have neutral facial expressions for the photo. Only a photo with natural facial expressions will be accepted.
EyesClearly visible eyes are required for the photo. Please do look straight into the camera.
EarsMake sure that your ears can be seen perfectly in the photo.
QualityThe passport office will reject any blur pictures.
GlassesIf glasses are prescribed for you then you can keep them but they must not have thick and large frames resulting in covering a big portion of your face and the lenses should not produce any glare. Moreover, wearing glasses must not modify your everyday look. For sunglasses and tinted glasses, it is a big no.
HeadgearIf your religion does not allow you to uncover your head then you can keep it covered. In other cases, wearing anything on your head is strictly forbidden. The thing to keep in mind is that your face must always be visible from the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead.
Dimension and size The minimum dimensions are 600 dpi.
Attire, Clothing, Dress codeAn attire which is in contrast with the background is required.
BeardHaving a beard for the photo is fine as long as it represents your present look. Don’t shave it off after taking the picture. If you are planning to shave it then do this before getting your photo captured. Your photo should represent your current look.
LightingA perfect lighting is always needed. Avoid too dim or too bright light and place yourself in front of the source of light so you don’t get any shadows or reflections on your face otherwise the photo will be rejected. This is the best technique to take a perfect picture.
Quantity needed in application3

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