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Background check on job candidates: 13 reasons why it's important.

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Posted: December 16, 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Reading Time: 5 mins
In this guide of Job Background Check, we will provide you 13 key points which help you to hire the best next time. It is a recruiter’s job to look for the best one in a pool of candidates for a particular role. Especially if that job position is a really attractive one, you can expect a flood of applicants inquiring about it and trying to get in by getting that role.

Filtering the candidates is not an easy task. There are a lot of steps to take and things to consider. Of course, you will be receiving a huge number of resumes. To get an initial impression of the candidate, a thorough review of his or her resume can help. If at first, you think that candidate is a good fit for the role, you’ll get in touch with that person for the initial interview.


That is just one of the many ways recruiters start their applicant selection process. The steps may differ depending on the organization as well as their needs and requirements. But regardless of the process, one thing recruiters should not overlook is the need for background checks on the applicants.


Usually, doing background checks is the last step of the hiring process, as it seals the deal on whether or not to accept the applicant for the role. This part of the hiring process also ensures that the recruiter made a well-informed decision. By doing so, the recruiters help their organization by giving them protection from potential risks that may occur.


It is always safe and recommended to check if the job applicant tells the truth about their skills, qualifications, and work history. Read further to learn the importance of doing background checks:


#1 Ensures safety in the workplace

One of the many aspects that background checks look into is the criminal records of the job candidate. We’re not saying that hiring someone with a criminal record automatically puts your existing employees in danger, but it’s always better to be safe. Aside from the employees, you have your customers, clients, and the physical office itself to think about.


#2 Avoids thefts in the workplace

The records of the job candidate can tell a lot about his or her employment habits. If the records show that the applicant has a theft record, this is an alarming warning that must not be overlooked. Thefts inside the workplace may cause a direct impact not just on the employees but on the business as well.


#3 Tests the applicant’s honesty

As the famous saying goes, “honesty is the best policy”. An honest person can be a reliable person. Honesty and transparency are two things that every employee must possess. Whenever you interview the applicant, you can note the pertinent details that will help make your decision. Through background checks, you can confirm if they are speaking the truth. You can also compare the record with the resume and references the applicant has provided.


#4 Strengthens business image and reputation

The ultimate idea is for you to hire someone highly skilled and competent, and that person is someone who can be an asset to your company. Doing otherwise can ruin the image of your company and can harm the business. The quality of your service will be put into question, too.


#5 Helps pick the best candidate

The candidate’s personality, intelligence, and skills are huge factors to determine whether or not that person gets the role. However, to further examine the abilities and capabilities of the candidates, looking into the background check records can definitely help. You can get a broader assessment that can help you choose the best among the rest.


#6 Eliminates applicants with something to hide

Background checks expose the applicants to the professional level. Of course, you don’t want to hire someone who is hiding something about his educational background, work history, and other important aspects. Through background checks, you’ll get an informative summary of the applicant’s background. You can be sure that what was recorded is true, valid, and confirmed; you don’t have to worry about a thing.


#7 Removes uncertainty

As the recruiter, you want to be sure of your decisions. You don’t want to hire someone but then you are not 100% sure that you made the right decision. To eliminate this kind of uncertainty, you can rely on background checks to answer the hesitations and questions you might have about a particular job candidate.


#8 Confirms or disproves instincts

Hiring someone is something that can be psychological. Normally, recruiters have an instinct about a specific candidate. They can be right or wrong, but who knows? These instincts can be confirmed or disproved by getting a reliable organization to do the background check.


#9 Verifies the identity of the applicant

One candidate said that he graduated from Harvard with honors. Another one included in his resume is that he has a decade-long experience with a reputable company. These details are amazing if they are true, but how will you know that they are not lies? Background checks do that job. It checks the identity of the job seeker, from the university he graduated to the companies he worked for in the past.


#10 Reveals the applicant’s work history

A candidate’s work experience can tell a lot about his skills and expertise. If you are very particular about hiring someone with full experience, you can benefit from doing background checks. Through this, you will be able to see the previous companies of the applicant and the duration for each one. From there, you can come up with important questions involving the reasons why the applicant resigned from their previous work.


#11 Checks licenses

Does the role require specific licenses? It’s easy for an applicant to say that he is certified for something or he is licensed to do another. You can effortlessly prove it through a background check. Records will show the licenses and certifications the person has.


#12 Checks vehicle records

This is relatively important especially if the role requires driving. Of course, you want to hire someone who knows what he’s doing on the road. An accident is the last thing you want to happen.


#13 Performs credit checks

Financial responsibility is another requirement some job roles have. If this is a special aspect of the job, make sure to do a background check for a thorough understanding of how the applicant is when it comes to financial issues and stability.


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