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Advancing the Hiring Process: 5 Things to Understand

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Posted: January 4, 2021

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Advancing the Hiring Process may sound basic and not complicated at all at first, but there’s more to what it seems on the surface. Looking for the right people to fill in the spaces in your company takes time, dedication, perseverance, and not to mention, the financial toll it creates. However, once you find the best people for any given role, you’ll soon realize it will all be worth it.


Many employers have developed a recruitment strategy when it comes to searching for applicants, screening them, as well as managing and evaluating the entire hiring process. However, there will still be times when you feel like you’re not hitting the mark. There are a number of reasons; underselling or overselling the company is some of them.


To make sure that you have created an ideal hiring process, you should first identify your company’s needs in a number of aspects, including culture fit, and personnel requirements included. Aside from building a pre-screening process that highlights the best way to pick the best applicant, you should consider time, which is a tricky factor in recruiting people.


Especially if time is a major factor when hunting for the best ones to fill in the available roles, doing an advanced hiring process might do the trick. 

Read on to further understand the process of advanced hiring and the benefits it creates. We have elaborated on some important points you may consider if you want a highly efficient and effective advanced hiring process.


#1 Define the process

Job applicants appreciate recruiters most if they apply a sound and complete hiring process. This is why as recruiters, you should always update the applicant in every step of it as much as possible. Keep the candidate in the loop, so if ever he or she has any question in mind, it will be addressed right away. This kind of recruiter-applicant relationship also benefits the company in such a way that you’ll be able to mold your hiring processes further into something ideal.


Explaining every step of the interview is also crucial. Make sure to elaborate on factors that the job hunter needs to know, especially during the early stages of application. To help you find the most appropriate person that is culturally fit for the company, it won’t hurt to design your interview process in advance as well.

The interview phase is also necessary to let applicants know when they might hear back and what to expect after that interview. Of course, you don’t want to leave the applicants hanging. Aside from being unfair and improper, it can put your company in a bad light.


#2 Set and define your expectation

As the one looking for applicants, of course, you have an initial expectation on what the person should be, should know, and should have. This is why it is no less than vital to identify, mention, and explain the specific job duties and what the role covers and entails. Also, do not miss out on mentioning the job’s timetable, who the role is reporting to, and the salary.

Setting and defining your expectations during one of your interviews lets you avoid any type of misunderstanding between the employer and the candidates. Another benefit of it is that it will save bucks of time, as the applicant will be well aware of the role and will come prepared.


#3 Set the bar

Setting the bar is different from managing the expectations of the parties involved. As the job-hunter, you need to have a strategy to help you curate the best possible ways in screening the applicants.

Especially if the role is popular and so relevant, you can expect hundreds of applicants to send in their resumes and letters of intent. You cannot accommodate every one of them. It helps that before you begin with the selection process, strategize first on the number of applicants you’ll be interviewing. Perhaps you can set a fixed number on a given schedule. This helps you manage the recruiting process in the best and most hassle-free way possible.


#4 Engage your team

One important note to remember: opinions of people vary. To come up with the best decision, especially if it’s about hiring people, it won’t hurt to ask your colleagues about it. The existing team knows what is needed and what they are looking for, so their inputs and opinions can definitely bring something good. Of course, the team doesn’t have to make the final call.

Think of it this way; that person you are looking for will be part of that team. So it just makes sense to ask them for suggestions and whatnot. Engaging your team also motivates the existing employees in many ways.


#5 Veer away from overselling yourself

The tip to always consider is to make the interview process clear, honest, and transparent. This is the part of the process when you have the most ability to share with the candidate the challenges the job entails. This way, the candidate will be more prepared, and it will be a decision-making point for them if they will continue with the process or not.


Telling the candidate about all of the benefits, advantages, and perks involved is one thing, and sharing the downside is another. Both are vital when looking for an applicant. If you will not be telling the latter and will keep on overselling the company, the candidate will soon start questioning, which is something you have to avoid.

As mentioned, time is relevant even during the hiring process. To ensure to find the best-fitting candidate in the most efficient way possible, hiring recruitment experts is the best thing to do. You can rely on Globeia in advancing your recruitment process and tailoring it based on your needs.


Feel free give us a call, send us an email, or visit us via an appointment should you have questions, inquiries, or service requests. We are looking forward to helping your business flourish!

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