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Apostille Your Canadian Documents for Use Abroad

Globeia can help you authenticate and validate your documents
so that they can be recognized by authorities, employers, and educational institutes outside Canada.

Canadian Apostille for Visa, Jobs, and Employment in Other Countries

  • Why Do I Need an Apostille?
    While you can use your documents in Canada without needing an apostille, the process becomes mandatory when you move to a new country. This is because organizations in the new country have no other way of checking if your documents are legitimate.
  • Apostille on Canadian Documents
    Getting your Canadian documents apostilled is central to your visa, residency, education, and job application abroad. An apostille stamp on your birth certificate, marriage certificate, diplomas, transcripts, RCMP criminal records check, and other documents will help you prove their authenticity to foreign authorities.
  • What is the use of Apostille?
    Your important documents will be treated as valid by international organizations and government agencies after they have been apostilled. Apostille is a one-time process since there is no need for further international authentication afterwards.

Get Your Canadian Documents Apostilled from Anywhere Around The World

We know managing the immigration process can be quite a head-scratcher. Confusing forms, lengthy visa requirements, and the looming threat of delays are enough to stress anyone out. The document verification requirements on top of all this can make you question if there is another way to get this done. Fortunately, there is! You can leave the apostille of your Canadian documents to us while you take care of the rest. There is no need for you to try to work your way through the long government procedures. We will make sure that all of your documents are ready to be accepted by foreign immigration officers, employers, or educational institutions. Our user-friendly online application process allows you to apply in a few simple steps, letting you focus on the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Whether you are chasing career dreams, academic goals, or simply a fresh start in a new country, we are here to help you in your seamless transition.

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This Is How We Manage To Do It Quicker and Cheaper Than Everyone Else

  • Proper Document Evaluation and Preparation To Eliminate Common Mistakes
  • Highly Passionate Staff Working To Ensure A Quick Turnaround
  • A Large Network of Associates Working To Ensure Quick Processing of Your Apostille Certification
  • A Highly Refined System Over The Years That Helps Us Keep The Costs To A Minimum

Globeia Checks Your Apostille Application for Faster Processing

Here at Globeia, we bridge the gap between your documents and an apostille certificate by checking all parts of your application for any mistakes. Our Canadian apostille team ensures that your documents meet all Global Affairs Canada or Provincial authority requirements before sending them in for the apostille.

Having managed hundreds of document authentication requests, we take great care in avoiding common mistakes that can cause delays in your apostille application. For example, some documents need to be translated for apostille. We will send you an update if that is the case and help you get a certified translation right away.

Fast Track Your Canadian Documents Apostille with a Professional Service

Before it joined the Apostille Hague Convention, Canada used to follow the Authentication and Legalization process instead of the Apostille. This was a very lengthy procedure and involved getting document legalization from the destination country’s Consulate inside Canada. However, the authentication part of the process was managed by Global Affairs Canada. Now, with Canada’s induction into the Apostille Convention, the task of document verification has also been distributed to other provincial authorities. Here is a quick guide to check which authority will process your apostille request.


Do all Canadian documents need international authentication?

International authentication is not always required for Canadian documents. It all depends on the intended purpose and the requirements of that country.

What's the difference between authentication and apostille?

Document legality is confirmed through authentication, and an apostille is a particular type of international authentication which is followed in countries that are members of the Hague Convention.

How do I check if my document needs foreign authentication?

To find out if your Canadian document requires international authentication, check the laws of the desired country or consult Globeia.

Do all Canadian documents need an Apostille?

Not every document issued in Canada needs to be apostilled. Check according to the location’s rules where it will be used and if the country follows Hague Convention rules.

Apostille vs. authentication: What's the difference?

A specific form of authentication recognized by nations party to the Hague Convention is the apostille. The country not a signatory to the Hague Convention follows a more comprehensive procedure for globally certifying documents, which is called authentication.

Alternatives to Global Affairs Canada for Apostille?

Yes, now you have an alternative to the complex process of global affairs. Globeia provides efficient Apostille services, providing an alternative route to Global Affairs Canada for simplified international document validation.

When is a translation required for Apostille?

Translation is necessary if the document is in a language other than English or French. This is verified by global affairs officials before getting an apostille. The notary public must notarize the translation.

How does notarization work for Apostille?

A notary observes signatures as part of the Apostille notarization process, guaranteeing the authenticity of the document. For trustworthy Apostille services, Globeia makes the notarization procedure go smooth.

Why might Apostille be refused by Global Affairs Canada?

Documents with fake signatures, foreign origin, religious content, unapproved educational institutions, and suspicious content casting doubt on authenticity are some of the reasons why an apostille may be refused.

Are there fees for Apostille services?

Sure, there are fees involved. Globeia provides clear pricing for services related to apostille.

Processing time for Apostille authentication?

Globeia takes into account the destination and type of document when ensuring prompt Apostille authentication.

Do I need a third party for Apostille submission?

Not required. Globeia streamlines the procedure and provides professional support for an easy Apostille submission.

Services offered by provincial and territorial offices for Apostille?

Verify the local options. When necessary, Globeia works with provincial and territorial agencies to provide complete apostille services.

How to check if my document needs an Apostille?

To find out if your document needs an Apostille, first determine the type of document and its intended use. Consult the rules and regulations of that country or contact Globeia for specific guidance in evaluating your particular document.

Can I expedite Apostille for urgent circumstances?

Yes, you can speed up the Apostille process in emergency situations. To find out about faster opportunities, get in touch with the Globeia.To meet your requirements, we provide fast apostille services.

Which adoption documents need Apostille notarization?

Documents related to the adoption of a child that typically require notarization for authentication include adoption agreements, adoption certificates, and adoption-related forms. Notarization adds an official seal to these important adoption documents, verifying their authenticity.

Requirements for notarizing bank documents for Apostille?

Notarized bank documents, such as bank statements and financial records, are required for Apostille.

Translation needed for Apostille on diplomas in Greek or Latin?

No, translations for Canadian certificates in Greek/Latin are not necessary. With the exception of some documents, other languages have certified translation or notary attestation possibilities.

Can court documents be Apostille authenticated without notarization?

In Canada, court orders or judgments bearing the original seal and signature of a judge, registrar, or clerk do not require notarization for Apostille. Other court documents must be notarized.

How are medical certificates or prescriptions Apostille authenticated?

Notarization is required for Apostille to confirm the authenticity of medical certificates, doctor’s notes, and prescriptions for international use.

Authenticating identity documents for Apostille: How does it differ?

To receive an Apostille for Canadian identity documents such as a license for driving, passport, and citizenship card, a notarized copy must be submitted. The original is not required, ensuring security and convenience in the authentication process.

Requirements for authenticating vaccination attestations for Apostille?

Notarization is required for vaccination attestations, such as COVID-related documentation. Confirm the requirements of the intended country before submitting. If confirmation reveals that authentication is unnecessary, then there is no need for it.

Can federal legislation documents be Apostille authenticated without notarization?

Notarization is not required for certified copies of federal statutes and regulations signed by the clerk of the legislatures. Request them from the Canadian Senate. Notarization is required for all other copies.

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