Canadian Police Clearance From China

Are You Currently in China and Require a No Criminal Record Check from Canada?
We are an RCMP-accredited fingerprinting company that can provide a reliable and secure background check for Canadian ex-pats and non-Canadians living abroad.
If you need a criminal record check outside Canada, we’ve developed a simple, streamlined application process.
There are two different types of checks available in Canada:

1. Name and DOB-based checks which can be applied online, and the results are available within 24 hours.
Apply for Same Day Criminal Record Check

2. Fingerprint-based RCMP Criminal Record Check. Your fingerprints will be digitized and submitted to RCMP electronically, and RCMP will take 72 hours plus the mailing time to complete the request.
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We offer two ways to request your RCMP police certificate:
1. Submit your request directly to us electronically.
2. Submit your request directly to us via mail.

In the past we have also done the Authentication and Legalization for such documents, if required we can also assist you in getting the document authenticated from the Ministry of Global Affairs and Embassy of China

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How to submit an RCMP Record Check Request

There are two ways to request a formal fingerprint-based police check from Canada.

Complete four simple steps to secure RCMP police clearance abroad:

  • You can begin filling out your application now by signing up with your email address to save your progress.
    Note :Haven’t received the confirmation email yet? Please check your spam folder.
  • Double-check your details on the application to get your PCC issued at the earliest.
  • Upload a digital passport photo — this is the photo that will appear on your RCMP criminal record check certificate.
  • Upload copies of two government-issued photo IDs

For your convenience, we provide multiple modes of payment. You can choose to pay via credit card, or if it is more convenient for you, you can also make the payment through your Paypal account.

  • To get a PCC from Canada, you will need to print out the fingerprint form and get your fingerprints printed on it by local police or an authorized agency.
  • Upon successful completion of your online application, please send us your completed fingerprint form and the payment confirmation email.
  • To get your police clearance certificate issued as early as possible, please ensure that you send us all of the documents required for the processing of your application.

As soon as we receive your mailed documents, we will digitize your fingerprints and submit your application electronically to the RCMP right away.

  • The average PCC application takes 72 hours to be completed by the RCMP — plus the time it takes to arrive by mail. We will then mail the certificate to the mailing address that you provided on your application form. Please note that the waiting time increases to 1-4 months if a criminal record is revealed in the national criminal record check.
  • You will receive regular status updates from us, to help make sure that you are aware of the progress. While filling out the application, if you have authorized us to receive the certificate on your behalf, we will send you an update on the same day that we receive the results. We will be unable to receive the results for you in some cases. This includes Privacy act applications and under 18 applications.
  • RCMP contact information and the DCN number associated with your PCC application will also be provided to you, to help you track the status of your application directly.

Don’t want to submit your details through the online application? No problem! We have also set up a manual method for your criminal record check application.

The first step is to send us a message with your name and location, by filling out the contact form on the right. We will assign one of our highly experienced case managers to your application within 24 hours of receiving your message.

  • We will send you the application document, along with the relevant forms, which you can print and fill out at your earliest convenience.
  • You will have to take the official fingerprint form (C-216C) to an authorized agency or a police station, to transfer your fingerprints properly. Alternatively, you can use your country’s fingerprint form, provided it is in the same format as the C-216 form.
    Note: The criminal record check form requires rolled impressions of all 10 fingerprints, taken at the same time. These are often referred to as flat or plain impressions.
  • You can email us your completed fingerprint form at and we will check to make sure that the quality of the fingerprints is acceptable to the RCMP.
  • Next comes your photo. The photo you send us will appear on your background check certificate.
  • Finally, attach two government-issued IDs for the application. This can be any ID issued in any country with your name and date of birth on them.

  • Complete all the documents fully and send them by mail to: 1185 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough, M4B 2K5
  • Please ensure ALL the documents listed in the application guidelines are included

  • Please send us your completed documents by mail to: 1185 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough, M4B 2K5
  • Please ensure that ALL of the documents listed in application guidelines are complete when you send them to us by mail.

  • As soon as we receive your package at our Ontario office, for your criminal record check application, we will digitize your fingerprints and submit them to the RCMP.
  • RCMP takes around up to 72 hours to perform a police check and send the certificate back to the applicant’s mailing address.
  • In the case of a criminal record history, you may have to wait for 1 to 4 months.
  • If you have authorized us to receive your criminal record check results on your behalf, we will mail them to you on the same day that we receive the package from the RCMP. In some cases such as Privacy act applications and under 18 applications, we will not be able to receive the results on your behalf.
    Note: While we have no control over the time RCMP takes to issue a police clearance certificate, we make sure that there are no unnecessary delays by thoroughly checking your documents and submitting your application on the same day we receive your documents. Our highly experienced teams are known for their efficiency, attention to detail, and speedy submissions of documents to the RCMP.

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