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New Zealand Passport/ Visa Photos

Trust Globeia with your passport/visa/immigration photos. We are trained and experienced in taking instant and digital photos while maintaining all the specific requirements for New Zealand. We are conveniently located in Toronto, easily accessible by TTC and free customer parking is also available. You are welcomed to walk in, No Appointments are required. With Globeia you do not have to worry about your photos not being accepted. If you need more information please contact us.

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  • New Zealand Passport/Visa Photo Requirements
  • New Zealand Passport/Visa Photo Requirements

SizeThe range for the photo size is between 500KB and 10MB. It must measure 35mm by 45mm.
Color A color picture is required. Choose RGB for a digital picture.
Head size and positionYour head must occupy 80% of the photo which is equivalent to 32mm-36mm. It should be centrally aligned and not titled or rotated. Furthermore, look towards the camera while it is turned vertically as only a picture which has been clicked in portrait mode is acceptable. Also, the top part of your shoulders must be seen and the distance between you and the camera should be 1.2 meters.
RecencyRecent or captured within the last 6 months.
Background A light colored background is permitted which must be in strong contrast with your head. However, a white background is not allowed. Also, a background with designs and images will be rejected.
ExpressionsOnly neutral facial expressions with a closed mouth are allowed. No, a smiling face will not be accepted.
EyesPerfectly visible and open eyes are a must.
GlassesYour glasses must be thin-rimmed so that they don’t block your eyes. Moreover, any tinted lenses or lenses with a glare will not be accepted for the photo.
HeadgearHeadgear can be worn only for a medical or religious purpose.
Dimensions and size (pixel)4500x6000 maximum and 900x1200 minimum.
ClothingYour clothes must not have same colors as the background.
Lighting A perfect amount of lighting is really important for the photo. An underexposed, overexposed or a photo with shadows will be rejected.
Digital Photos No alterations are allowed except when you just want to make your picture a bit darker or brighter. For the scars, blemishes and moles, they must be seen in the picture if you have them in reality.
QualityNo blurred pictures. Only focused pictures printed on a high-quality glossy paper will be accepted. Matte is not acceptable.
BeardAvoid growing beard for the picture only but if you already have one as a part of your daily appearance then don’t shave it off.
Quantity needed in application2 photgraphs

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