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Get A Canadian Criminal Record Check Done Today!

You can get your Canadian police clearance certificate today, from the comfort of your home. We are an RCMP-accredited agency known for our fast and reliable Criminal record check service.

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Fast, Affordable, & Reliable Criminal Record Checks!

Globeia makes it easier and more affordable for you to apply and download your background check results online. Criminal background check applications submitted to us, during weekdays, are processed by our staff in record time. Your police clearance certificate will be issued in less than an hour if you have filled out your application correctly.

Save time and money

Globeia offers the fastest criminal background checks in 5 easy steps. Apply online at our high-end safe and secure portal to get online services at the best pricing.

Let’s Find Out Which Type of Criminal Record Check Is Right For You!

Basic Name and Date of Birth Based Check (CPIC)

A name and date of birth based check is conducted by searching the RCMP’s national database called the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC). Globeia will perform this check in less than an hour during our business hours on weekdays if you have followed the application guidelines.

Judicial Matters Check(Enhanced Level 2)

A Judicial Matters Check is also a name and date of birth based. It is an enhanced level check, suitable for the employment and licensing procedures that require a Level-2 screening. Globeia’s normal processing time for a Judicial Matters Check is less than one hour, Monday through Friday (8 am to 4 pm).

Fingerprint Based Check

Fingerprint-based police clearance certificates are issued by the RCMP after running the applicant’s fingerprints through the National Police Information database.
An application submitted for a basic name and date of birth based check might result in a possible match during verification. This necessitates a fingerprint-based check. Moreover, some local and foreign authorities do not accept basic background checks and ask for a fingerprint-based criminal record check.

Ready Within Minutes - Clearance Certificate On An Official Police Letterhead

Is your local police station backlogged and taking a lot of time to conduct a background search? You don’t have to wait anymore. Globeia cuts down the criminal record check processing time from days to minutes. You will receive your clearance online through our simple and quick process.

Helping You With The Right Type of Background Check

At Globeia, we strive to ensure your convenience, with our unmatched level of service. If a previous record does come up against your details, we will not leave you stranded in the middle of the process. You can then choose our RCMP-accredited Fingerprint based check service for an enhanced police report.

Not Sure What Type of Police Check You Need?

Let’s help you choose the right type of criminal record check. You can fill out the form below telling us:


    How Do I Apply For A Criminal Record Check Online?

    You can visit to get a record check done against your details. There are three types of background checks and you will have to choose one that best applies to your situation.

    Which Type of Criminal Record Check Should I Choose?

    If you do not have a criminal history and plan to use your police clearance certificate in organizations that do not have a fingerprint-based check requirement, then you should go for the CPIC’s name and date of birth based check.
    On the other hand, you might need to opt for a Judicial Matters Check, depending on the requirements of your organization. Similarly, you will have to get a fingerprint-based backcheck done if you have a criminal history.
    You can also give us a call at (416-288-8070) during our office hours, to receive step-by-step guidance from a Globeia representative.

    Where can I Get My Vulnerable Sector Check Done in Toronto?

    You will have to send your application by mail to the Toronto Police Service for a Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS). You cannot apply online or submit your application in person. Only the applications sent by mail are entertained.

    How Can I Check Someone’s Criminal Record?

    We recommend asking that person to book a fingerprint-based screening appointment with an agency. This type of check will provide a certificate detailing any previous convictions and unlawful activities associated with that person’s details.

    How Much Does it Cost To Get A Criminal Record Check Done?

    Globeia offers the most reliable background checks with the lowest fees. A basic name and date of birth based check costs $39.99, whereas a Judicial Matters Check is only $49.99. You will only have to pay $44.00 (plus the RCMP fee of $25.00, if applicable) if you require a fingerprint-based check conducted through RCMP-compliant equipment.

    How Long Will It Take For You To Issue My Background Check Results?

    Globeia takes pride in offering one of the fastest record check services all over Canada. In most cases, you will be able to download your police clearance certificate within 1 hour of submitting your application if you apply online. Fingerprint-based checks, on the other hand, take a bit longer depending on where you are located.

    How Long Is A Police Clearance Certificate Valid For?

    Your National Police Clearance Certificate does not have a fixed expiry date. You might, however, need to get in touch with the authority that has requested this check, to get an idea of their threshold period for the certificate’s validity.

    I am less than 18 years old. Can I apply for a background search through Globeia?

    You cannot apply for a criminal record check online if you are under 18 years of age. To receive an official clearance certificate, you will need to visit your nearest police station and submit your application.

    Is it safe to apply for a criminal clearance certificate online?

    You need to choose a company that is reputed and has taken measures to ensure the safety of your data. Globeia is known for its strict data security policy, with highly trained and vetted staff, up to–date tech, and industry-standard encryption protocols.
    You can rest assured that your data and the copy of your certificate will be kept confidential.

    My results came back as “Incomplete.” How long will it take to get my results for the RCMP’s Fingerprint-based Check?

    You will need to apply for the RCMP’s Fingerprint-Based Check. Your Canadian Police Clearance Certificate will be issued within 3-4 days, provided you do not have a criminal history. The time taken by the RCMP increases to between 1 and 4 months if a previous record comes up against your details.

    What type of verification is required for getting a police check done through Globeia?

    The documentation required varies depending on the type of check that you choose. You may be asked to do a zoom call verification, after submitting your application, if:
    1. You are outside Canada
    2. Or we have been asked by the police to conduct secondary verification.