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Privacy Policy:

“The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act” and the “Canadian Standard Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information” requires all businesses engaged in commercial activity to comply with the act and the code.

Globeia recognizes and prioritizes the privacy and security of personal information. The collection and disclosure of fingerprints and other sensitive information are carried out as directed by the law.

Privacy Mission Statement:

Globeia is committed to safeguarding an individual’s privacy rights. We hold ourselves to the highest legal and ethical standard of compliance. We appreciate and value the trust and faith that our clients, colleagues, and suppliers have in us. It is our top priority to maintain trust and continue implementing privacy protection into all aspects of our business.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

Fingerprints, full name, date of birth, height, weight, gender, address, phone number, personal biographical and descriptive info, driver’s license number, passport number, email, photo, fax number, and any other identification deemed necessary.


Cookies are a way for our site to know you have visited our webpage before and remember the choices you made to facilitate an easier and faster experience.

We use multiple types of cookies:

  • Per Session Cookies: With this, we do not record your data for permanent usage, but only use it during an active session. When you log out and dismiss the site – the session ends.
  • Persistent Cookies: We remember the changes you make when on our site. For example, changes in settings, preferences, etc. When you visit our site again, these changes will remain with the help of our persistent cookies.
  • First-Party Cookies: We confine the usage of your sensitive personal information by storing it in our domain only. This means, no third party will discover the confidential information you tell us – unless you consent to it, such as background checks trailing to RCMP systems.

Protecting your confidential information is our utmost priority and aim.


Globeia takes responsibility for ensuring the protection of the data provided to us. We have highly professional and licensed officers to supervise our compliance with the policies enforced by the federal personal information protection and electronic document act and with provincial privacy and credit reporting legislation.

In addition, our employees are highly trained with a sense of responsibility and sensitivity needed to deal with the client’s information.

The Purpose for Collection of Personal Data:

Globeia collects personal information to forward it to the Royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP), the other law enforcement authorities, and or their designated agents to enable them to conduct criminal history searches.

In addition, we collect your data to contact you when necessary regarding issues concerning your use of our products and services. As well as to provide information on our products and services that may be of interest to you.

Reuse of Personal Information for New Purposes:

Globeia does not reuse personal information for a new purpose other than the original ones except when the new use is compatible with the original one, as permitted by the law.

The Purpose for Collection of Payment:

Globeia collects credit and debit card information and the signature of the payer for the processing of the series we render. We do not store payment-related information for any other purpose.

Obtaining your Consent:

Globeia collects, uses, and discloses sensitive information when our client is fully aware of the purpose for which the information is required and has given permission to such use or disclosure, except where collection, use, or disclosure of personal information without consent is permitted or required by law.

Limiting Collection of Personal Information:

Globeia restricts the collection of personal information that is necessary for the intended purpose. Personal information is collected fairly and lawfully.

How Do We Ensure Your Personal Information Is Accurate?

Much of the personal information we collect is received by you, in which case you are in control of its accuracy.

Do We Engage in Automated Decision Making or Profiling Using Personal Information?

We do not make any decisions about you – automated or otherwise – and do not attempt to analyze or predict your behaviour, preference, interests, or other personal characteristics.

Do We Conduct Research Using Personal Information?

No. We maintain historical statistics data in anonymized, aggregate format for research, and analysis.

How Is Your Personal Information Maintained?

Globeia respects the “Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act” and the “Canadian Standard Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information” and stores and maintains personal information in compliance with their requirements.

We do not provide third-party access to your personal information except when consented to by you. Also, unless stated by you, we are not involved in the distribution of the criminal history search results, nor do we receive a copy of such results.

Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention of Personal Information:

Globeia will disclose your personal information if required by the law to do so. For example, in response to a subpoena, search warrant, to an investigating body, legally valid inquiry, or otherwise required by law.

We may also disclose your personal information if you have given us consent, or it becomes necessary to establish or collect fees. We keep sensitive information only for as long as it is needed and only for the purpose for which it was originally collected.

Ensuring Accuracy: 

We will make efforts to ensure that the data we collect is accurate. However, if you do notice any errors in the information that we have collected from you, please notify us by email to update the mistake.

Individual Access to Personal Information 

You may have access to your personal information that Globeia holds for you. However, we may deny access:

  • when the request is fatuous and concerning
  • if required by the law
  • if it is related to existing or anticipated legal proceedings against you
  • when doing so would prejudice negotiation with you
  • to protect the company’s rights and property
  • when granting you access would have an unfair impact on other people’s privacy.

Third-Party Processing Agent

Globeia may avail services of RCMP authorized the third party to assist in the processing of criminal history checks or transmit information to an agency to conduct criminal history searches.

In such cases, we may disclose/transmit your information to the third-party service provider.

Payment by a Third Party 

When a third party will be paying for our services, we may provide your name and other identifying information to the said third party for confirmation that we are processing payment for the services rendered for you.

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

 Globeia’s privacy statement may be updated to reflect changes in our personal information security practices. The revised privacy statement will be updated on the website. Please check back periodically.

Compliance and Complaints:

If you have any questions or concerns with our privacy policy, please contact us. We appreciate feedback and work hard to provide the best performing service.


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