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Full Background Check

Globeia Changing the Tide of International Checks

In the past, choosing an international candidate meant walking through the mist. Unfamiliar references, report discrepancies, and lack of global affiliations meant no one could ever be clear about an individual’s previous track record.

Today, with apt technological tools by our side, a skilled in-house team of professionals, and numerous international alliances; knowing past records has become a piece of cake with Globeia’s Police Background Checks from the world.

The Importance of an International Police Background Check

We currently tread in times when all is not what meets the eye. Thus, as the past lays precedent to the future; knowing an individual’s previous criminal doings (if any), can result in better-informed decisions.

From employers to embassies, universities to immigration departments and more, numerous entities require police background checks in their decision-making process.

Conversely, the lack of such a check could put one at a disadvantage, or complete halt in the process.

What Do Our Police Background Checks Offer?

Our police background checks have one purpose: to comprehensively depict an individual’s criminal history.

With the Help of Globeia, Choose Someone You Can Rely Upon

Whether hiring an international employee or simply letting someone immigrate into the country; the process requires delicacy and trust as it practically means opening your internal matters to a stranger.

With the help of Globeia, you can mitigate the risk of a bad decision, and make an informed one instead.

Full Background Check

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Full Background Check


Dedicated to Your Success

Our commitment remains on our clientele. The gratification of our work is ensured to go above and beyond for the sole purpose of client satisfaction.Our team highly anticipate removing all the hindrances for customer satisfaction.


Do you provide police checks from all the countries ?

No, we do not provide police checks from all the countries except certain countries like :

North/South Korea, Barbuda, Venezuela, Syria, Libya.

Where are you located ?

Here is our address: 1185 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough, ON M4B 2K5, Canada. Please visit us for getting things done.

How can I apply ?

You can visit us at the Globeia Photo Centre, call us or simply send us an email. We’ll help you out in every way. Your satisfaction will be our first priority and you’ll get the best service, ever.

Do you need any documents ? What are the requirements ?

As the requirements and the need for the documents keep changing from time to time and it also varies from country to country. So, please feel free to contact us for getting the latest detailed information about the requirements. We are here to help you.

How much time will it take to receive the results from the country?

The time duration to receive the results depends on the country for which you have applied as it is different for various countries.

What are your office hours ?

You can visit us at any time between 10am to 6pm from Monday to Friday. However, our office remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

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