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FBI Police Clearance & Statewide Police Clearance Fingerprinting

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Posted: March 16, 2021

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The FBI version of Canada is called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). If you are wondering if you can still obtain FBI fingerprints in Canada, then the answer is YES. Here’s a detailed list of what you need to know about FBI Police clearance and Statewide Police clearance:

Make sure to bring at least two (2) pieces of government IDs. You may also bring your birth certificate, certificate of live birth, Canadian citizenship document, among others.

Note that your fingerprints will be taken using the live scan technology and will be printed on a standard FBI card using a certified printer from the FBI. The FD-258 card is required for FBI fingerprints for FBI police clearance.

Only current fingerprint cards are accepted. Previously processed copies will not be acknowledged.

Make sure that your name and date of birth are noted on the fingerprint card.

Rolled and digital impressions of all 10 fingerprints must be taken at the same time. These impressions are often called plain and flat impressions, respectively.

It’s best to seek help from a fingerprinting technician from a law enforcement agency. Know that red and purple inks are not recommended by the FBI.

Both ink and live scan fingerprints are accepted. If taken via the latter, a hard copy should be generated. The fingerprint card should then be mailed to the FBI.

If you are to submit your application, payment, and fingerprint card via mail, your name on the response letter should match the name on the fingerprint card. Also, add your Social Security number (full nine digits or last four digits) on the fingerprint card.

There are various Canadian immigration visa offices that require a state police clearance. It’s ideal to have this prepared as well.

However, if you are in the USA, you may visit any of these post office locations to electronically submit your fingerprints. You may also seek help from these FBI-approved channellers in the US for departmental order submissions.

Requesting Florida Criminal History Records

Fingerprints are an essential tool when running background checks. If you are in need of a criminal record check in Florida specifically, you must learn about the three record check search types and additional information about them.

● Instant Search

Instant searches refer to internet searches done by the customers themselves. The results, which can be printed or emailed, are available right away. However, note that the results will not be certified. Every instant search costs $24 (plus $1 as a credit card processing fee) and can be paid through debit and credit.

● Certified/Non-Certified Search

In this type, the customer provides demographic details. Once the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has received the information, the search will then be conducted.

Results are notarized and are mailed to the customer. Non-certified processing time takes five (5) business days while the certified processing time takes 1-2 days longer. (These timeframes do not include mail delivery times.) Each search costs $24 and is payable through debit and credit as well.

● Originating Agency Identification (ORI) Search

To conduct a search, the customer should provide a valid ORI. Cost per search varies based on the state statute, state agency, and authorized entity. Results will be sent to the ORI-authorized recipient.

For more details on these searches, feel free to contact the FDLE:

Address: P.O. Box 1489, Tallahassee, Florida 32302-1489
Contact Number: 850-410-8109

Requesting a New York Statement Police Clearance

Clients or their lawyers should use the required forms to verify that a court-ordered seal has been applied to their New York State Criminal History Record. This verification will be coming from the Division of Criminal Justice Services. A request costs $50. For more details, use the following contact information.

Address: Alfred E. Smith Building, 80 South Swan Street, Albany, New York 12210
Contact Number: 518-457-5837

Requesting a Washington Statement Police Clearance

If it’s a Washington Statement Police Clearance that you’re needing, the following details apply.

Address: P.O. Box 42633, Olympia, Washington 98504-2633
Contact Number: 360-534-2000

To acquire FBI police clearance certificates from other states, please refer to this directory. You may also request criminal history record information (CHRI) upon submission of a completed CHRI form. To request conviction CHRI, a person’s name and date of birth are needed. Alternatively, you may personally submit a full set of fingerprints.

When you need further assistance in this kind of service, you can rely on Globeia. We are an accredited RCMP Fingerprinting agency specializing in digital fingerprints, police background checks and international fingerprinting.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, send us an email, or visit us via an appointment as we are here to help you!

Address: 1185 Victoria Park Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario M4B 2K5

Phone: 416-288-8070


We are facing a dilemma that affects communities across the globe. Globeia is aware of the COVID-19 situation and the problems arising from it. Because of this, we are more than committed to providing only first-rate services that save you time, effort, and money. Hopefully, through our services, we help you fight the current crisis to strongly and resiliently rise above it. We are with you every step of the way.

Take note that this article only intends to inform and educate readers, so as to help them with similar problems they might have. Any text or information from this publication should not, in any way, be taken as legal advice. We also disclaim any responsibility for the damages that may occur out of the details laid out here. It’s always ideal to consult with experienced legal counsel to learn more about a certain process and the steps involved. In addition, we do not take any responsibility to update content that was posted in the past.

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