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Everything You Have to Know about Live Scan Fingerprints

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Posted: March 8, 2021

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Over the years, the methods of obtaining fingerprints have evolved. For a time, ink was highly used to record these unique prints. Thanks to science, new ways and methods have been devised to make it easier for fingerprint technicians to obtain and record these marks. live scan is the commonly used fingerprinting technology in Canada.

Due to the advancements in technology, fingerprints can now be obtained digitally. This method uses an advanced machine and employs electronic fingerprinting techniques which deliver higher accuracy.

Another hot trend is the use of live scan fingerprints. You might have heard of it, as many companies have been taking advantage of this advanced method when obtaining fingerprints. To learn more about live scan fingerprints, read this article further.

What is a Live Scan Fingerprinting Technology?

This technology does not use ink when capturing fingerprints. Because fingerprints are processed electronically, criminal history responses can be completed as early as a matter of hours.

In the past, fingerprints could only be taken by applying ink to the fingers and then rolling the fingers on a card. This traditional method is inherently messy and quality of the image is not guaranteed. The live scan method provides a solution to these problems.

These fingerprints will then be searched against a rich database such as that of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). This is what many agencies utilize whenever they have to complete background checks.

Through the live scan fingerprinting technology, the technician can capture the marks and retake as much as possible to make sure that the fingerprint is of the highest quality. Other advantages of live scan fingerprinting services include:

Virtually error-free process
No mess or long queues
Secure electronic submission to the RCMP

What are the Requirements for Live Scan Fingerprinting Services?

When requesting a live scan fingerprinting service, make sure to complete the requirements to avoid delays and further hassles. You just basically need to provide at least two government IDs with you.

The agency will also provide you with a live scan form that you have to completely fill out before the service.

How are Live Scan Fingerprinting Services usually done?

After completing the form, you have to give it to the live scan operator. The personnel will enter your information into the computer before capturing your fingerprint images.

Your information, along with the images, will be immediately transmitted to the RCMP over a secured data line. You will also be provided with your copy of the form with your DCN number and details on how to check the status. Take note that no hard copies of the fingerprints will be provided.

Minors may also have live scan fingerprints taken as long as they are accompanied by a parent. The parent needs to provide valid identification as well, and that the last name of the parent based on the IDs must match the last name of the minor applicant.

Live Scan Fingerprints as a tool for Background Checks

Especially for employment purposes, background checks are often necessary. Many companies now take advantage of background checks for security and confidence in their decision-making processes.

Name-based criminal background checks may give an employer reliable information about a candidate. But unknown to most, a fingerprint-based background check can even provide them with more sufficient information. This is where live scan fingerprints come in hand.

Name-based checks are solely based on the information submitted by the individual (identifiers such as name, gender, date of birth and race). This could mean that background check results are not based on biometric identification. Offenders can easily use a fake name and effortlessly change personal information to avoid hits. A fingerprint is something that can not be altered, so the live scan technology results can definitely provide the correct results every time.

Request a Service from Globeia

Globeia is equipped with a high-technology live scan fingerprint system which is able to provide a fast, secure, and reliable fingerprinting service. Through the technology we utilize, fingerprinting applications can be processed by the RCMP in as short as 72 hours. Take note that the application is normally processed in this timeframe (plus the mailing time) if there is no criminal record. It may take up to 120 days if a criminal record is found.

If in any case the RCMP finds a match with the fingerprints in the database, processing time may be longer. Rest assured that all fingerprints will be clearly recorded to minimize quality rejections by the RCMP or other law enforcement agencies.

Globeia accepts cash as well as debit. Should you have other questions, feel free to contact us through phone or via email:

Address: 1185 Victoria Park Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario M4B 2K5

Phone: 416-288-8070


We are facing a dilemma that affects communities across the globe. Globeia is aware of the COVID-19 situation and the problems arising from it. Because of this, we are more than committed to providing only first-rate services that save you time, effort, and money. Hopefully, through our services, we help you fight the current crisis to strongly and resiliently rise above it. We are with you every step of the way.

Take note that this article only intends to inform and educate readers, so as to help them with similar problems they might have. Any text or information from this publication should not, in any way, be taken as legal advice. We also disclaim any responsibility for the damages that may occur out of the details laid out here. It’s always ideal to consult with an experienced legal counsel to learn more about a certain process and the steps involved. In addition, we do not take any responsibility to update content that was posted in the past.

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