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Navigating Through Selected
Information Display

Across all businesses and industries, one aspect remains constant: the need to hire qualified candidates for the job. However, how do you assess if the candidate is qualified enough? Through the resume.

What if we told you: About 37% of Canadians state they know someone who lied on their resume?

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Background check. FBI CLEARANCE, POLICE CLEARANCE, same day background check

Navigating Through Selected
Information Display

Businesses shortlist candidates initially through resume screening and then through interviews. Unfortunately, while some candidates include false information in their resume, others display ‘selected information’.

In simple words: Only displaying the good stuff. We understand your business’ search for the best-suited person for the job, and thus give you a quick way to know the candidate’s employment history, work habits, performance, and more – through Employment Verification.

Our 4-Step Procedure:

  1. Take consent from the candidate to begin an employment verification
  2. Reach out to references and past employers
  3. Ask questions and compile a report
  4. Report back to you

With quick and verified results, you can immediately make your decision to hire or let go.

Why Opt For Employment Verification?

Hiring is a process where you open your business to newer people who could be a part of your business family. Thus, knowing you have the right person, is key.

The Globeia Employment Verification:

  • Ensures you Hire the Right Candidate
  • Is Cost-Effective
  • Prevents Theft
  • Protects Confidential Information
  • Is Efficient

Perfecting the Hiring Process

No more phone calls to past employers, no more waiting on a response from references, no more hoping you have the right candidate.

Our team finds all required background information for the candidate and makes all relevant checks, to give you the best candidate for the job, and peace of mind.

Globeia Employment Screening FAQ

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