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Screening Services

We offer comprehensive employment
background screening solutions


Employment Screening Verification

Complete Backcheck

Employment screening

Standard Reference Interviews

Globeia will call candidate’s referee and conduct an interview based on 20 questions.

Employment screening

Employment Screening Verification

Globeia will contact a former employer to confirm the details of a candidate’s resume.

Employment screening globeia

Education/Credential Verification

Globeia will contact a school or institution and confirm the details of a candidate’s claims. 

Employment screening

Driver’s Abstracts

A search of the provincial or territorial motor vehicle records database. 

Employment Screening Canada

Criminal Records Check(CPIC)

A search of the RCMP’S Canadian Police Information Centre’s criminal record database at a national level.

Employment screening

Credit Bureau Inquiry

A complete search of a Canadian Credit Bureau which will report on bankruptcies, collections and other credit trade lines.

Employment screening

Exit Interview

Globeia will contact a candidate who has left the client’s company and conduct an interview to gain insight on their employment experience.

Employment screening

Social Media Check

Using a hybrid of both technology and human review, Globeia will conduct a scan of candidate’s social media accounts. 

Employment Screening

International Name Based Criminal Record Check

Globeia will conduct police check of the candidate from different countries.

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Same Day Background Check


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