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Background check for hiring process: 5 Things to know.

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Posted: December 16, 2020

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5 Things to know for Background Check for hiring process. Let’s find out! Looking for the right people to do the job is not a small task. It is definitely not easy for your job post to gain attention, encourage probable applicants to look into it, filter them one by one, and ultimately, choose the right person who fits the role.


As a recruiter, you have to go through every step of this hunt. While some do it as straightforward and basic as possible, others exert more effort to make sure that who they choose is, as they say, it, best among the rest.


This is why many HR specialists and recruiters turn into background checks through the course of hunting a new set of employees. Through proper applicant screening, employers can ensure a sound decision. This way, recruiters also help the company they work for from various risks that may occur in the future. Doing background checks is also an ideal way to verify claims that were mentioned by the job candidates during the application process.


Background checks’ include social security verification, employment history, personal and professional references, educational attainment, criminal history, drug screening, motor vehicle records, and credit history, among others.

To further accent the importance of background checks, these are some more reasons why they are necessary:

-To reveal the details that were removed mistakenly or intentionally (such as police and criminal records)

-To ensure a safe workplace for current employees

-To encourage honesty during the entire hiring process

-To discourage those job hunters who are hiding something

-To feel certainty throughout the process


Being the one who is looking for new employees, you have to know and understand that although having background checks as part of the hiring process is great, there are still limitations that need to be considered. You also have to know the guidelines if you want to practice this step. Here are five things that are fundamental when doing background checks:


#1 Understand the applicant’s privacy

A background check can give you a thorough detail about the applicant. However, it doesn’t mean that you will know everything about the job hunter. You also have to respect their privacy. Make sure that you comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) law before starting the check. This federal law regulates how consumers collect credit information from the applicants.


#2 Send out an authorization form

Before screening the applicant through background checks, it is only fair that they know about it firsthand. Notify them that you’ll be doing it as part of the hiring process, and of course, make sure that you have their permission first.


#3 Seek out help when doing background checks

Aside from being a tedious and critical part of the hiring process, doing background checks by yourself can also be expensive. It is highly encouraged to hire a reliable third-party organization that can do the background check for you. They will even provide you with the necessary details you have to know.


#4 Notify the hiring manager

After getting the results, the HR specialist should inform the hiring manager about the results. The appropriate management will then assess the situation based on the results provided. From there, they can either accept or reject a person’s job application.


#5 Keep the results stores five years maximum

Having a reference can not just help you in your current situation, but it can be of great assistance for the future as well. It’s best practice to store the results of the background checks for five years maximum. Store it away from the candidate’s file to avoid confusion.


Should you need help and assistance in doing background checks for your company’s hunt for candidates, take advantage of the services of Globeia. We are committed to doing the job as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our company also values authenticity, so you can be sure that the information we’ll provide you is authentic and reliable.


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