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Apostille In Canada

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Posted: November 28, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Reading Time: 3 mins

Have you been asked to get an Apostille in Canada for your documents? Is it the first time you have come across the term?

There’s no reason to worry. It is a fairly common requirement before you visit or work in a foreign state. Thus, those Canadians that are studying or employed abroad might be familiar with what an Apostille is.

It is an official stamp that declares your documents are valid and recognizable by your home country. Hence, they don’t need to be legalized and can be used for applying in a foreign country. It speeds up the process for citizens looking to go to that country.

This may come as a surprise but the Canadian government does not issue an Apostille! Instead, they have a separate framework of authenticating and legalizing documents which we will guide you through shortly.

When is an Apostille Needed?

Your employer or academic institution in a foreign country can request you to get an Apostille for your documents. You may also require authentication of documents when conducting business or investment activities abroad.

Some of the paperwork needing an Apostille is:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Degree/Diploma
  • Power of Attorney
  • Police Check

Why There is No Apostille in Canada?

As a result of the Apostille Hague Convention in 1961, 112 countries agreed to simplify their validation and authentication of documents through the issuance of Apostille stamps. India, Brazil, and Venezuela are a few of those states that joined later on.

Unfortunately, Canada was not part of the initial group of nations signing the agreement nor has it joined the member states yet.

Canadian Equivalent of Apostille

The question would have arisen in your mind: If I can’t get an Apostille, then what should I do?

Canada follows a two-step process followed by most of the non-Apostille countries: ‘Document Authentication and Legalization.’ This system works just as fine and is acceptable in almost any country you are sending your documents to.

However, it does require you to approach Global Affairs Canada and the embassy of the other country. Let’s explore how you can effectively acquire the Canadian version of the Apostille.


Authentication of Documents

The first part is verifying your documents.

Authentication of documents in Canada happens at the Global Affairs Canada’s offices situated in Ottawa. Be sure to go over their requirements before submitting your documents for smooth processing.

After Global Affairs receives your paperwork, they will examine it and ensure the information is accurate and authentic. Furthermore, they can also contact the issuing body of your certificate or degree for any changes and queries.

With the review complete, they place a red stamp on the document and sign it to confirm your documents are authentic.

Legalizing Documents

The next step is to legalize documents in Canada.

Where do you need to go to provide legal value to documents? To the embassy of the country, you plan on going to. Like the authentication process, you should learn about the requirements every embassy has and get all the necessary paperwork ready beforehand.

The staff at the embassy will go over your stamped and authenticated documents to check whether you have fulfilled the criteria.

Finally, they also stamp in approval, rendering your documents acceptable to be submitted to the institution in their country.

Future of Apostille for Canadian Citizens

The idea of Canada joining the list of countries providing Apostilles has often been discussed. It would facilitate Canadians wanting to work or study in another country.

However, thus far, no meaningful progress has been made in this regard. Until an official move to join Apostille countries is announced, Canada will continue to work with its authentication and legalization system.

The Support of Experienced Experts

It doesn’t seem Canada will adopt the Apostille in the near future which is why we will have to stick with the traditional methods for now.

We know the authentication of documents and legalization can be a little tricky but we at Globeia are here to save you from the trouble. From getting your documents in order to deliver the legalized documents at your doorstep, Globeia will be your guide each step of the way.

Also, if you have to get the Apostille urgently, we can fast-track your application and make sure you get your documents approved in time.


Here you have it: all you need to know about acquiring an Apostille’s equivalent in Canada.

If you have any questions or would immediately like to get started on your authentication and legalization process, we at Globeia are ready to serve 24/7.

Contact us now!


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